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What can keep Zuke's dog treats safe when Nestlé Purina PetCare had so many issues in the past? Just because an ingredient is approved by the FDA, that isn’t any guarantee it isn't harmful. I wish it was! The all natural label doesn't automatically mean it's healthy because even natural ingredients can be linked to problems. That’s why it’s important as a dog lover to look up anything you don’t recognize and read Zukes , like this one.

Zuke’s has been producing dog and cat treats since 1995, and we’ve never had a recall. Company location, Durango, CO. USA!

Are Zukes treats safe? The company website proudly states that there’s never been a Zukes dog treats recall, since they started making dog and cat treats in 1995. Unfortunately, their parent company’s reputation

Yes, Zuke's Was Bought By Purina. Don't Panic!

Zuke's has been producing dog and cat treats since 1995, and we've never had a recall We (ZUKES DOG TREATS) test for pathogenic bacteria throughout the manufacturing process
Contamination that caused this latest recall would not happen at Zuke’s. We test for pathogenic bacteria throughout the entire manufacturing process including the finished treats, before they ever leave the manufacturing facility.
In addition, all our raw ingredients are tested when we receive them from our suppliers, before going into the manufacturing process. The tests vary depending upon the ingredient. Grains are tested for Aflatoxins and frozen meat ingredients are tested for Salmonella, E. coli and other pathogenic bacteria.

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It is up to us as owners to watch what is going in to your dogs’ mouth. There are well known brands, local pet stores, especially the neighborhood store that can guide you to a plethora of wonderful choices. Personally for training, I use Zukes brand along with Bil-Jac. (Any small, soft treat will do.) For general treating I use the baked treats (take a little longer, time-wise to eat) from the local neighborhood stores. Get to know these store owners, they are invested into your dogs well being. Before you just give your dog a treat ask them (the store staff) for their recommendations.

No, our company has never experienced a product recall

The small size of Zuke’s training treats is also perfect for use with overweight dogs. At only 3.5 calories per treat – yet packed with big flavor – your dog will be satisfied when receiving a small meat-filled treat as opposed to a large cookie that contains filler ingredients.Ultimately, Zuke’s Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Dog Treats are a great, low-calorie way to provide your pet with a high-value reward. Their small size and low-calorie content makes them perfect for training or hiding around the house. The nonexistent recall history also makes these treats a safe choice for consumers.