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I bought two of the Kong Zoom Groom for dogs. I got the read and the blue thinking that one of them would work. I have an 80 pound lab who is very mellow and loves to be brushed. I sat her down and started brushing her. I got some hair off but very little. I though that it might be just the one that I had chosen so I opened the other and started to brush her with it. I had the same result -- very little hair removed. I wondered if it was me so I re-read the instructions as well as getting my husband to read them to me (big accomplishment there!!!). I tried it again and he tried it as well. We both got the same result. So I began thinking that maybe it was a product that had to be used multiple times before it would show results. I brushed her everynight for a week and still had the same little bit of fur while there was white fur all over my brown couch. We ended up buying a different brand of product and have been happy with it. I am all for Kong's toys but the Kong Zoom Groom for dogs was a dissapointment.

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Product Information: The KONG Zoom Groom Brush for Dogs is the best grooming and shampooing brush available. It removes loose hair like a magnet, and it stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and a healthy coat.

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Easily brush your dog's fur with KONG Zoom Groom brush, available at Affordable Vet. My beagle jack russel mix loves her pink kong zoom groom for dogs. It takes out a ton of her loose fur and gives her a wonderful massage at the same time. It is her favorite grooming tool. It also is comfortable to your hand. Even though it is shaped like a dog you can also use it on other animals. My cats loove it too. Every dog I know that has got to experience the kong zoom groom on their back has loved it. My beagle jack russel mix isn't a fan of regular brushes or combs but she is definately a huge fan of the kong zoom groom. It doesn't just come in pink either it comes in boy colors too. The pink color does win my beagle jack russel mix over too. It removes a lot of her fur and gets rid of all her loose and dead hair. It makes her fur and hair so soft and beautiful. It works on short hair and long hair alike. Most brushes and combs dont work on be my beagles short hair but the kong zoom groom does!

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What I Liked About This Product or Place: I use it daily to keep my dogs well groomed. The Zoom Groom is comfortable to hold, easy to use, affordable, and works well on both my short and longer haired dogs. One of my dogs is sensitive to touch and even she is happy to be “zoom-groomed”. The brush may used on both a wet (think bath)and dry dog, is flexible and contours to the dog’s body. The gel-like bristles are soft and easily remove undercoat and other loose hair. The texture of the brush bristles also gently stimulate the skin. I even use the brush on my senior dogs’ legs to stimulate circulation and remove loose hair. Hair accumulating in the brush is easily removed. Keeping the Zoom Groom clean is as simple as a rinse with a garden hose. I’ve been using this product for many years. The Zoom Groom is my brush of choice.

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