Ziwipeak Dog Food Reviews Coupons And Recalls 2016 - iPhone 7s

The Primal rep that comes to my work a few Saturdays a month always throws samples of their freeze-dried at me for my cat and dog. Dog loves them, cat used to like them, but did not like the Chicken & Salmon variety I brought home recently. She won’t eat raw either. She eats around the Primal if I put it in with her canned. I am however feeding her Ziwipeak Lamb now for canned food and it’s got a lot of the organ meat and bone in it that raw has. That could be another option for you guys. Shes eating that for breakfast and Orijen dry for dinner.

Ziwipeak Dog Food Reviews Coupons And Recalls 2017 - iPhone 7s

Ziwipeak food products are produced and manufactured by the Ziwipeak Company in New Zealand. This company was founded with the purpose of providing pets with quality, all-natural diets designed to ensure a long and healthy life. This company sources all of its ingredients locally, choosing the highest quality ingredients and using them in ways that mimic the natural diet of wild cats and dogs. They set themselves apart from the pack by offering all-natural raw pet food products that are free from artificial ingredients as well as fillers and grains. This company offers an assortment of air-dried foods as well as moist foods and treats. Real meat is always the first ingredient and every recipe is carefully formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition.

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Jun 22, 2017 - ZiwiPeak Dog Food Coupons, Reviews and Recall History in 2017 I have a diabetic miniature pinscher named Mitzie and I was searching for foods for her since I know how bad science diet is and didn’t want her to be on it. I directly emailed Shelley from Ziwipeak and asked if it was an option for a diabetic dog. I am very happy to say that Ziwipeak was an excellent option! Mitzie absolutely loves the beef!!

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We received a few sample packs of this food from Wellness and my dog loved it. She’s very picky, but ate this like it was treats. She usually eats Ziwipeak and Only Natural Pet Max Meat. I’ll be adding this to her rotation for sure. The “kibble” is very soft and can be squeezed between your fingers. It’s more expensive than Max Meat, but less than Ziwipeak.

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