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Since we are approaching the Fall season, and temperatures should start to drop, I’ll begin my selection with sweaters. A sweater should be able to cover at least 3/4 of your Yorkie’s body. A sweater should keep your dog warm, so covering the body is important. My Yorkie has maintains a puppy cut, so this makes it even more pertinent. One of our best selling is listed . To find the correct size, measure your dog from the base of their neck to the base of their tail. This will give you the back length, which you can then coordinate to the sizing chart provided.

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Here is another lovely, versatile sweater pattern to fit
an extra small dog, such as a Chihuahua, Yorkie, or
Papillion. Make it in a single colour, or use a
contrasting colour for Neck, Leg, and Back ribbing.Next, we’ll take a look at . This is another essential for your babies collection of . Dresses are great for formal events or more dressy occasions. You typically want a dress to fit similar to a small dog sweater. I personally like my dress to cover the entire back, as opposed to the 3/4 I recommended for the sweater. However, this is completely your preference. With , you can either go with a more casual look, or a more sophisticated and dressy look. This “” is an example of a more casual look. Nothing to fancy, but still very cute. Something your Yorkie can wear to the mall or the beach. For a more formal look, I would recommend this . Again, check the sizing chart to make sure these dresses will fit your Yorkie. When in doubt, call up and ask the vendor if a certain piece of clothing will fit your dog.Since I am quite familiar with the Yorkie breed, I decided to write a little post of . Now in general, most Yorkies are around 4 -7 pounds. Of course, you’ll have your small Yorkies and your larger ones, but I’d have to say that the majority of Yorkies fall within this weight class. Furthermore, not all Yorkies are shaped the same. Some have longer backs than others, while some have a more cobby body taking on more of a square shape. I think every Yorkies needs their collection of . Our little Munchkin probably has more clothes than Teresa and I combined. Everything from little teacup dog dresses to little tiny dog sweaters. Keep in mind she only weight a little under 2 lbs, so most of her clothes are .