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Here is another option for a wooden dog food storage container. This wooden dog food storage center is great because it is compact. Another great feature is the pull out dishes. This particular model does not have pegs for hanging up leashes and accessories but it does have an additional shelf for storing toys! This storage cabinet is a bit different from others in that it does not have a “bin” to hold the food. You would need to keep the food in it’s bag or in an inside the cabinet. This is an attractive way to store all of your pets things in one area! You could even add a basket for toys on top!

Puppy Pet Dog Cat Food Feeding Station Storage Wood Cabinet Shelf Bin Water Bowl | eBay

Wooden dog food storage bin in the solid particle board wood finish and integrated lids. See other wooden dog food storage by click the image below.

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Shabby Wood Pellet Stove Storage Bin Dog Food Box Hide Huge Kitchen Utility Room | eBay This pet food storage unit is great for keeping your dog food out of sight and organized. It has pegs for hanging up your , leash, and harness. There is a pull out drawer which holds food and water dishes. The cabinet is also useful because it has space for toys and you can use it as a furniture piece in any room! This is a great option if you are looking for a wooden dog food storage container.

Wood Dog Food Storage Container – Rustic Storage Bin

Looking for dog food storage ideas that are stylish yet functional? Sure, you can go with a plain white garbage can or plastic bin and call it a day. That’s what I do! I also hide mine underneath a giant wooden butcher block table covered with a decorative tablecloth. Not everyone happens to have one of those sitting in the middle of their kitchen. If you can’t hide your dog food in a cabinet, hide it in one of these stylish yet functional dog food storage solutions!

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