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WHY IS IT AT #5? PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300 model got the middle spot at number five because the battery packs were spotty for some customers and the acreage it covers wasn’t as high as that of other best invisible fences for dogs on this list. But, if you have a smaller yard and purchase extra packs – and the costs obviously add up – it will most likely work well for you, as the majority of customers of this wireless dog fence seem to be very satisfied.

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Wireless dog fences are designed for troublesome dogs that can’t stay around the area. The traditional version of is a tiny device that comes with a collar. And the purpose of the collar is to be around the dog’s neck. Each device comes with the amount of space it covers, and should the dog leave this space, gets small electric shocks. The level of electricity shocks emitted depends on how far the dog goes.

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Reviews Small Dogs Stubborn Dogs Training Travel Traveling Wireless Dog Fence. While we recommend your pet be at least 5 or 8 pounds to wear our , many smaller dogs and even cats can wear collars from other fences. That means you can add your new small dog to your existing system, or you can purchase a wireless fence and collars for each pet.

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Absolutely, the Stay+Play Wireless Fence Receiver Collar PIF00-12918 is a great choice for smaller dogs. This collar works best on dogs that weigh at least 5 pounds and have a neck size as little as 6 inches. Contact our Customer Care Center or purchase online.

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The Stay + Play Wireless Fence will contain any number of dogs within up to ¾ of an acre. The system features a small, rechargeable, waterproof receiver collar. The is another suitable choice for little dogs if you need a wireless fence. This wireless option is available with a regular or small dog collar that features lower correction levels in addition to it's smaller size. We have an 18 lb Bichon and a 7.5 lb Havanese. I have an aluminum (wrought iron like) fence outside and use the PetSafe PawzAway pet barrier inside. I want to keep the dogs out of my flower beds along the fence and would like to put in an invisible fence (buried wire). Is there any system compatible with the collars I am currently using? I just got the system for Christmas and the dogs respect the off limit areas even though the wireless signal is spotty. We use black mulch and have white dogs, so an invisible fence seems like a great idea if it’s compatible. The collars use those small cell batteries, not the proprietary PetSafe batteries.We have two large dogs that are used to an underground fence at home, but we are considering getting an RV and a wireless fence to have a small (campsite) size area “fenced” for travel. We also plan to flag the perimeter at each new location and we would monitor the dogs outside.