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Come across this information and it scares me to read and learn all the symptoms talked about because my dog has suffered with the same but for the past year it's been getting worse. She's been fed Kirkland Puppy Chicken and Rice from the day she walked in our home and, which I couldn't understand what was wrong with her (gagging, vomiting, diarrhea, black stool, and etc.). Now it all makes sense and scares me to know that we've been feeding her to death. I will be changing her food brand. Let the truth be known!! Thanks for all those who shared.

Diamond, who makes Kirkland dog foods, has had more than their fair share of recalls.

... Just stop feeding the food & contact who makes ... I feel horrible that we switched her to Kirkland dog food ... Stopped feeding her Kirkland”s dog food ...

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Who makes Kirkland Dog Food Which brings me to Kirkland. There’s no fancy ad campaign, no slick marketing during commercials of a dog show, none of it. All there is here is a solid (if not spectacular) food which, combined with its rock-bottom price (about half the price per pound as those big-name so-called “mainstream” foods), makes it the best “value” dry kibble on the market for cost-conscious consumers. As someone who once fell for the marketing before becoming educated, I can only kick myself for giving my dog food that gave her skin allergies (corn and wheat, probably) for so many years — and wasted hundreds of dollars in the process.

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Not true Alison, there are lots of foods that haven’t had recalls. Diamond, who makes Kirkland dog foods, has had more than their fair share of recalls. I’ve personally sworn off Diamond products as a result in favor of those brands I feel have far more trustworthy manufacturing standards.

The pet food itself is manufacturered by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc

According to the Kirkland website, all of Kirkland’s dog food products are “designed to meet all of the nutritional needs of your special pet”. Made with the highest quality ingredients – like fresh meat and whole grains – these products nourish your dog’s body from the inside out. Not only does Kirkland use fresh ingredients in their formulas, but each recipe is enriched with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well as probiotics. A quick review of several Kirkland and Nature’s Domain products reveals that the claims this company makes about their pet foods are founded in truth. There are certainly ways in which these products could be improved but, for the most part, they are nutritionally balanced.I’m glad to see the conversations on the new Kirkland canned cuts. I had eyed it but bought the old can food until I had looked at reviews of the new. My store carries both. I’d like to try it after seeing the posts of dogs scarfing it down but will wait until we see who makes it and what the review is. I’ll be glad to email Costco and try to get info on who makes the new stuff.