1) Dog Whistles are Not as Modern as Thought…

After several repetitions of hearing the 3-4 whistles blasts followed by his name, your dog will soon start understanding that the new whistle blasts are a cue that precedes being called.

Plus, talking of culture is a nice way to dog-whistle to evangelicals.

You don’t though have to be a shepherd or a hunter or a policeman to reap the benefits of whistle training. Anybody can enjoy the amenities of silent whistle training their dogs.

5) Dogs Aren’t Born Whistle Trained

He pulled a dog-whistle from his pocket and blew two shrill calls upon it. IAN HANEY LÓPEZ:So when I say that people like George Wallace or Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan or Mitt Romney, that they've engaged in dog whistle racism, often the retort is, these are decent folks. They're not bigots. And I want to say, I'll grant that. I'm happy to grant that. So what? This isn't about bigotry. This isn't about hate-every-black-person animus.

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This would be a disqualifying moment for any other presidential candidate in any other year, but it would be foolish to think that Trump will be hurt much by this. But his opponents that are pointing out that this sort of thing makes Trump unelectable in November are probably right. The notion that he can ride to the populist on a populist tide of resentment against government was a plausible theory especially against a weak Democrat such as Hillary Clinton. But Trump’s race dog whistle makes it clear that if the Republicans nominate him for president — and it will take a massive reversal of fortune in the next 15 days to prevent this from happening — then they are setting themselves up for a Barry Goldwater-style landslide defeat of epic proportions.

BILL MOYERS:Was that a dog whistle?

Whistling Dog Walks, LLC, is a small pet sitting company owned and operated by Sarah Hawn, an experienced dog walker, pet sitter, and all-around animal lover. Pets are our life-long companions, and they deserve the best from us! Leave for your workday or vacation knowing that your best friend is in reliable and caring hands. Fleck’s whistling symbolizes the passion that we share for Pinot noir. We work the entire process from pruning the vines to bottling the wines. No half-way measures or cutting corners. Our small-lot, hand-crafted wines represent quality, authenticity, and dedication to the dream of making the best Pinot noir wines from the ground up. As you share our family’s wine with your family and friends we hope you, too, will feel the passion of the whistling dog. There really was a whistling dog. He was our boy Fleck. Whether plunging into frigid waters to retrieve his Frisbee, pointing birds in the field, or standing in the backseat willing us to drive to one of his favorite spots, his passion for the things he loved could not be contained - so he whistled. When a year ago, we said “what this thing really needs is geofencing and geolocation.” We met the folks from at CES earlier this month, saw their dog GPS collar with its geofencing and geolocation, and thought it might be a nice accompaniment for Whistle. Now comes word that we weren’t the only ones who thought so: and incorporating the technology.