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Some,people are so uneducated about dog breeds kangals are tough bully Cutas dogos, the list is endless does not come down too bite force weight ratio all this hype crap I've seen a 70-pound red nose pit take a kangal apart the kangel weighed in at 160lbs he started losing didn't want no part of the Pitbull it's all comes down to gameness three-quarters off these breeds will not fight too the end it comes down to Tosa,and the American Pit Bull both heavy gameness it will depend on the dog more strength to the tosa more cardio agility to the pit bull so what it Narrows down to Tosa needs to get him earlier if not other way !

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The area around her is a bustling checkpoint for what many view as the world’s toughest dogsled race—a spot where mushers like Reynolds who are trying to navigate a 1,000-mile race through the brutal cold can grab a hot meal and a nap, and check in with race veterinarians. And, in many cases, contemplate whether they and their dogs can go on.

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There are dogs that will wipe the floor with any breed of pitbull you can get What Peggy Tibbetts was saying is that it’s not about dog breeds (because no dog was bred for the purpose of turning on their owner), it’s about the dog as an individual. Just like you see a lot of bite statistics for labs because of their popularity, you see statistics with the breeds listed above for their popularity. The only difference being that there are many more ignorant fools wanting to own an “aggressive” Pit Bull or Rottweiler to look tough/cool than there are people wanting to flaunt a lab for the same reason.

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Dragging across the floor, tug-o-war, ripping with the teeth…all these activities and more will quickly destroy a normal bed. If your dog is a powerful and determined chewer, you will need to choose her durable and tough dog bed with much thought and research. Keep reading for tips on what to look for in a truly indestructible dog bed.

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There are no bad dogs in the world. Just a Bad owner and do not make a judgement about the dog unless you know the dog well.

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Audacity: Luka, the question was what is the world's toughest fighting breed. The answer to this question is no doubt THE MIGHTY AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER!!!! I'am sure a large aggressive kangal can whip and even kill a average to below average pitbull but only because the pitbull is probably not a good representive of it's breed and most of all because a kangal is 3 to 5 times bigger than the pit. The size difference is like a 4 foot tall 90 pound boxer boxing a 7 foot tall 350 pound boxer. How chicken shit is that? Many times THE MIGHTY AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER will whip the much much larger kangal. Kangals are not game. Sure they look like a badass dog when they are fighting an opponent one fourth their size. Pound for pound THE MIGHTY AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER absolutely rules! Compared to THE MIGHTY AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER the kangal is a pussy. Only a punk girlieboy would brag about a dog that's several times larger than it's opponent beating the much much smaller dog! The question was what is the toughest fighting breed. It's not the kangal or the tosa as the author stated. It's THE MIGHTY AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER period!!!Some dogs are master destroyers. No matter what toy you give them, no matter how much you spend, it seems they tear it to shreds within minutes. Not only can this get to be expensive, it can also be dangerous for your dog. Even the smallest pieces can cause obstructions in the dog's gut, and any toy that can be easily destroyed is probably not a good fit for your pooch. For many dog owners, it seems like there are no toys on the market made for their destructive and powerful dog. And let's face it... We all want our dogs to have fun and to play with us. Whether it's fetch or tug-of-war, it's just nice being able to play with your best friend. Thankfully, meaning not only are you helping out your dog, but you're helping protect the environment as well. Win-Win! Here's our list of eco-friendly dog toys that were built for the toughest chewers out there.The mutt can be any combination of the qualities you like most in a dog and hopefully, very few or none of the qualities you would prefer to do without. With a it is tough to know what you’re going to end up with but usually if you raise them from a puppy and train & treat them well, they will be more likely to be an asset than a liability. Some of the best survival dogs we have been around have been mutts.
Pro’s – Could be the best qualities of any number of dogs mentioned above, tend to have lower health problems than pure breeds.