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Recent research suggests that dog foods low in fat may also be helpful in canine weight loss. Unfortunately, most low-fat recipes are also low in meat content, too.

Is home made recipes for dogs better for weight loss or this Rx dog food .

Our precious 5-year old lab-hound mix started losing weight about 2 years ago (about the time Merrick was sold to Nestle-Purina). We had been feeding her Merrick Grain-Free since she was old enough for adult food. The weight loss accelerated several months ago, and she got so thin her hip bones protruded, her skin was dry and flaky and coat dull, and her poop was soupy and smelled like chemical waste. When we saw the vet, she had lost 4 pounds (a lot for a formerly 47-pound dog) and blood work showed her Albumin (blood protein) level was so low the vet was afraid that fluid would start accumulating in her lungs. We were afraid we were going to lose her.
Thank God I stumbled on this website and read other owners’ comments about GI issues with the Merrick Grain-Free. We immediately switched her to Orijen Tundra and Acana Grasslands as recommended on this site (supplemented by occasional scrambled eggs – I figured supplemental protein wouldn’t hurt at that point). Her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. We saw the vet today, and her weight is back to pre-illness level, her coat is glossy again and she no longer just wants to lie around. Her poop is normal. I will never feed my pets Merrick (or Purina) food again.

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This Best Homemade Dog Food recipe is grain free, easy on digestion and designed for weight loss We have 2 recommended dog weight loss recipes further down the page. There are also many specially formulated dog weight loss dog foods on the market, but work with your vet to help you choose a good one.

As it turns out she was allergic to chicken in the dog food

I would like advise on something a foster mom told me about fiber and weight loss/gain. I have a Tibetan Spaniel that is over weight. I feed Nature’s Recipe to both my spaniel and Doberman. I bought the weight management version of Nature’s Recipe, but the foster mom I talked to today said to get him off of that because most weight loss dog foods have high fiber and though it will make your dog go more often, it also makes them gain weight. Is this true?

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You should add Merrick Grain Free Healthy Weight Recipe Dry to your recommended weight loss dog foods list. Protien – 32, fat – 8, 360kcal/cup of food. I fed it to my adopted Am. Staff who happened to have horrible hips and knees and is only 2yrs old. The food is quality enough to keep her on for weight maintenance until and after both knee surgeries.