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BRRRRRR….. It’s cold out there. Here in New Jersey we’re expecting 7 inches of snow. Now imagine walking in the snow and on the ice barefoot? Now if your dog is a Huskie or a German Shepherd, well they probably don’t mind the snow and ice and are genetically endowed with paws well suited for cold weather. But other dogs, well quite frankly, you need boots. With that, boots are very important not just for keeping dog paws warm, but making a barrier between their sensitive pads and harsh winter chemicals.

000930 Muttluks Woof Walkers Dog Boots, Set of 4, Blue, XS, 2.25

We recommend the Waterproof Dog Rain & Snow Boots. They have a zipper that secures them on the paw as well as a Velcro strap. These boots stay on very well.) Boots that don't have a zipper come off easily when they are walking and get easily lost when they walk in snow that is higher than the boot.
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For extra-large size dogs we recommend the High Toppers. Although they don't have a zipper they have a drawstring and the Velcro is pretty high off the ground. Though it's a new product the owner of assured me they will stay on as long as proper measurements are taken and the correct size boots are ordered. They have a size chart on their website.
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000930 Muttluks Woof Walkers Dog Boots, Set of 4, Blue, XS, 2.25 A labor union organizer, he asked that only his first name, Hugo, be used, and he was unaware that his personless boots had sent shudders through many a dog walker, for years. ''Me, an urban legend?'' he said. ''Hardly.''

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The snow and ice can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for dogs’ paws, but even worse is the salt that gets spread along the streets and sidewalks to melt the ice. That salt combined with ice creates a reaction that burns dogs’ paws. There are two great options for avoiding this. Some people swear by having boots for their dog that use velcro to stay attached, but I’ve found those to be difficult to deal with and they fall off easily. The better choice is rubber booties. They usually stay on well, so long as you get the right size for your pooch, they’re waterproof, and they’re disposable. are the standard choice and hold up pretty well. They can usually be reused for quite a long time.

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Patience is necessary always. You never know how difficult an old lock with its poorly copied key will be this time, or what sort doggie destruction you’ll walk into, or how easy it is to just blank on a alarm code. Wrestling an energized dog with his harness and winter dog boots and coat takes important minutes from the walk. And the little pups, every single one is always too excited to eat their lunch before you leave, but you need to stay put until they do, so they eat safely.You and me both! I fell way too many times before I discovered them. They live on my boots from October/November to April/May depending on the year. I’m amazed at how many people are out walking their dogs without something like this on their feet. They give me so much more traction.