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A blood panel on my 10-year-old chow/german shepherd mix showed everything within normal levels save two: platelets slightly elevated (which could just be stress from being there or could be from the fact that he's scratching excessively from seasonal allergies) and his potassium, which was 6.5. I feed him only Purina adult dog chow. The vet said he wouldn't be too alarmed about this right now and would like to check it again in a month. Any idea why his K is high and how we'd treat?

I have tried several dog brands but my chihuahua is a very skimpy eater and isn’t gaining weight I sometimes think she is anorexic. Can u help?

My dog was born with diabetes, started having occasional seizures about 4 yrs. ago, was put on phenobarbital for them. Went 2 yrs seizure free until his past April. My dog will not eat! Never has been food driven and has no appetite. 99% of the time I have to open his mouth and put the food in, hold it shut til he swallows it. What can I do to stimulate his appetite so he eats instead of having his insulin and phenobarbital in him on an empty stomach? How should everything be correctly done?

Thin dogs have a very narrowed waist and protruding rib cage

Very thin Brown dog with blurred background - Stock Image Very thin Brown dog with .. How can you tell if your greyhound is at the proper weight? Your greyhound should have just the tips of his hipbones barely visible and the outline of a couple of ribs. If your greyhound is smooth across his hind end with no bones showing at all it may be too fat. If it has no ribs visible, it is probably overweight. A dog with a more rounded ribcage like the one above can have the outline of ribs showing even when obese. If your dog doesn't have a pronounced tuck (waist) it is definitely too fat. If your greyhound has put on 10, 15 or even more pounds above its racing weight it is overweight. Use your dog's tattoes or racing name to find out your dog's racing weight here: It is dangerous to race a fat greyhound. Making sure a greyhound is racing at the proper weight is something that trainers and track officials take seriously. Greyhounds are weighed before every race and they must be within a pound and a half, either way, of their set racing weight, or they will be scratched from the race by racing officials. Like human athletes, it is better for them to run thin, than slightly overweight. It is also better for your retired greyhound to be on the thin side, than overweight. Occasionally we do run into a greyhound that did race too thin, like the one below, that just couldn't keep weight on at the track. Most greyhounds are at their fittest and most athletic when racing and our goal is to keep them in that condition their entire lives.Large male, too thin at race weight of 74lbs Same male at 88lbs after vet recommended losing a few lbs

Very thin rescue dog unable to gain weight..

Very good feedback, Jenna. Do you have any advice for how pet parents could (or even if they should) approach someone whose dog is “too thin?” Or do you think that is something that should be off limits?

Dog with back injury is very thin in the back end. | Ask A Vet