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The Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Game is one of the unusual dog toys that will allow you to interact with your dog while creating a fun “quiz” type of game for them.

Now here’s some unusual dog toys that provide hours of exciting entertainment with the benefits of tartar removal and overall .

Finding unusual dog toys that will both stimulate your dog’s senses and last longer than one week can be a challenge. These unique dog toys often look fun and exciting to us, but once they make it home and into our dogs mouths they can turn out to be a complete waste of money.

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These unusual dog toys are fun and also support a great cause! Buy a few for your dog and its friends to enjoy together! t's probably safe to say a good many of your dog's behaviors straddle the line between normal and weird. And while you can ignore some behaviors, like his need to shove himself under your bed to sleep or drop his toys in his food bowl, unusual behaviors that suddenly appear or cause your pup harm are more troublesome.

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From where i’m looking it seems to me that there are some very unusual product designers currently employed in the dog toy industry, people who maybe missed their calling in life, people who would be a sensation in the adult sex toy market, or even worse, people who think they are designing perfectly normal chew-toys for our four-legged friends and fail to see the subliminal sexual innuendo that emanates from their latest creations. It’s a mystery, and it’s scary.

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