O'Paws Turkey Hearts - Oma's Pride

Ingredients: honey, rolled oats, flax, soybean oil, whole wheat flour, wheat flour, water dried whey, whole dried eggs, dried cheese, natural cheese flavoring, natural bacon flavoring. A Chewy treat. Great Cheese and Bacon taste that dogs love. Great for that good dog treat. 1.5 inch Pattie.

Ferrera Farms Naturals Turkey Hearts are perfect for diabetic dogs or dogs on grain-free diets!

Turkey hearts are a favorite around our house (for both dogs and cats), but around here we (the dogs and cats anyway) eat them raw. These seem great, though! Single ingredient treats are hard to come by and are so great to have access to especially for dogs with allergies!

High in fatty acids, vitamins A and B, Iron, and Taurine

Perfect for diabetic dogs or dogs on grain-free diets! The only ingredient is freeze dried turkey heart slices. Lamb is a fine source of protein and a healthy red meat alternative for dogs that may have allergies or intolerances to other traditional red meats. Grown on farms in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, Natural Selections Lamb with Organic Vegetables is rich in Zinc and provides essential minerals such as Potassium, Iron, Manganese, Thiamine, Vitamins E, B12, D3.

O'Paws Turkey Hearts 16 oz - Oma's Pride

While liver offers many health benefits, it can also be harmful if your dog eats too much of it. Dogs that eat too much liver may be prone to a condition called hypervitaminosis A, or an overdose of vitamin A. Symptoms of a vitamin A overdose can include bone deformity, bone spurs on the dog's legs or spine that cause him to limp, digestive upsets, muscle weakness, stiffness or . Your veterinarian will provide supportive care to your dog if he's overdosed on vitamin A, and you may have to eliminate liver from your dog's diet to prevent future overdoses.

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