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“Specific activity of Tea tree oil against Malassezia, a yeast that is a frequent cause of ear and skin infections in dogs, has been demonstrated. Tea tree oil can be found in small amounts in veterinary shampoos, and can also be diluted for use as an ear cleanser….Not only does tea tree oil appear to be a highly effective germicide, but it often relieves the itch and swelling that can accompany yeast and bacterial skin and ear infections.”

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This replacement of tea tree oil, yet less likely to cause irritation compared to tea tree, is the third ‘must-have’ for dogs. It has anti-bacterial and anti-histamine properties, and can help eliminate skin issues caused due to allergies.

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Be Soothed For Dogs Tea Tree Oil Skin Relief 1800petmeds Most people tolerate the application of undiluted, 100 percent tea tree oil without any problems. The same is not true for animals. in the January 2014 issue of documents multiple cases of tea tree oil toxicity in dogs and cats. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' database was the source of the information, which spans a 10-year period from 2002 to 2012.

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The poison control center data include 337 dogs and 106 cats exposed to 100 percent tea tree oil, administered to the skin, orally or via both methods. Of the 443 animals exposed, 343 (77 percent) developed an adverse reaction consistent with toxicity. Their symptoms developed within two to 12 hours following exposure and lasted up to three days. The abnormalities most commonly reported were , lethargy, weakness, incoordination, muscle tremors and increased salivation or drooling. Less common symptoms included vomiting, skin rashes, collapse and coma. Several animals were documented to have elevated liver enzymes. Young cats and smaller adult cats were at greater risk for the development of more severe symptoms. Unfortunately, information documenting outcomes — how the pets fared after exposure — was, for the most part, unavailable.

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He did say that the Comfortis is the best way to go for fleas now, because fleas are immune to the other topicals. With Comfortis, it doesn't matter if you get them wet, etc. So she is on this now. He said after Comfortis has been on the market for fifteen years, fleas will become immune to it also. Comfortis is a huge chewable tablet that they take like a treat and it is given once a month. After I did this bath and for weeks after, I noticed she really seemed to be happy and not digging on herself, like she does when she gets that buildup from the yeast, etc. The yeast will show itself on the skin by looking like mold, or black trimming around the ears. The vet had showed me this before. I had looked at her stomach a day or so after the bath and I could see where I actually missed. There were black dots on part of it where I couldn't see where I was massaging. The place the shampoo touched and was massaged in was perfectly clear of the yeast. I was really impressed with this recipe which is also a lice remedy when combined with white vinegar. It makes her happy. I don't think any other form of shampoo would be such an anti-fungal as the tea tree oil and Dawn. Dawn has long been used on animals and such. As harsh as it sounds, it is actually very gentle, and I always use it because I know how much I always used it on my foster animals. I really never thought of using it on a full grown dog, such as mine, but I am so glad I did and so is she. Remember to keep it off of cats. Also, never use oatmeal shampoo on dogs with a yeast problem because it only feeds the yeast and then they multiply faster. By from Tri-Cities, TN
First of all, I do not recommend using tea tree oil on cats or small to medium-size dogs. The reason being that cats and small dogs are highly susceptible to poisoning from straight essential oils, especially tea tree oil and menthol.

Even though you've heard that Tea Tree Oil Replaces hundreds of retail remedies you've purchased over the years, like all those creams, lotions, potions, and soaps for Dandruff, Skin Problems like Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Pus Filled Sores, Mites and Head Lice, Athletes Foot, and more! Tea Tree can be a health hazard for small animals.