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My two dogs absolutely love these treats. They scratch at the door until they can have more. I have never seen them do that before with any other treat!

A fast and easy frozen "pop" dogs will love, this treat is as simple as one ingredient!

Here is a good technique for giving treats. Hold the treat in your hand between the first two fingers and the thumb. Let your dog sniff so that she knows it is there, and remember my rule: nose first, then eyes, then ears! When you engage your dog’s nose, you are appealing to the most important part of her brain.

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Keep in mind that your dog's treats should only make up about 10 percent of his daily diet.​ Another customer, Candy, shared her positive experience with Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats and how it reduced her aging dog’s painful symptoms, “These CBD treats are great! My dog is doing so much better..He is an old dog, and I would like him to be as comfortable as possible, and this is the only thing that is helping him.”

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While Erica, another satisfied customer, uses the CBD-infused treats for both of her dogs. “I have a medium sized Poodle and a Siberian husky, and they go absolutely nuts for these treats. They love every flavor! My poodle has the tendency to bark at the wind, and these treats have a nice, calming effect with him. Both dogs don’t exhibit any digestive issues, which is great because my poodle has a sensitive stomach. Such an incredible value with so many benefits!”

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Homemade Chicken & Wild Rice Dog Biscuits | Carrie's Experimental Kitchen Treat your dogs to homemade dog biscuits using fresh, wholesome ingredients. #petfriendly #dogsCharlee Bear was developed to enhance the wonderful relationship between dogs and people. Each Charlee Bear Treat is a way to say "I love you" and make the bond grow deeper. We also wanted to keep dogs healthy and lean so Charlee Bear was developed as a low calorie treat. We always used simple natural ingredients. Dogs are family and training is like teaching our children manners. Over the years Charlee Bear Treats have been a wonderful training tool helping many doggies to be well mannered canine citizens. At Charlee Bear we are so proud of the moments of love and fun that our treats have helped to create over the past 25 years.