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She is 12 lbs, and has gained some weight in the last week. The vet did do a scraping and confirmed the presence of Sarcoptic mange. He gave me Revolution for her and my other 2 dogs, which we started yesterday. He didn’t seem overly concerned with contagion. She was also held by several people who have since asked if they and their pets need to be treated (there would have been about 6 hours before they left for home from the office). I had been bathing her with a shampoo that the vet in the Dominican gave me (they did not tell me it could be mange) and had done so several times once she was brought home. My husband now has a rash in the back of his knees and I was wondering if the Borax/peroxide is safe to use on him until he can get in to see the doctor?

Many owners often turn to alternative or homeopathic remedies to treat demodectic mange in dogs, some of which can be effective.

Hi, first question is, is this treatment safe for a 6 wk old pup? Next, can dogs be carriers of mange without ever getting it, or can it live in,your home dormant for months? We brought home 3 different pups on the same day about 4 months ago. 2 were from the same litter. My littlest was a heeler mix (she was from a litter of 13) and very tiny, the other 2 are fiestmix sisters. we fought withwhat appeared to be mange after she was with us about a wk. we did borax treatments twice weekly for about 2 wks. She appeared better, but still died. The sisters had a few scaly spots and got weak, but then bounced right back! At the same time, 2 of my daughters and my husband (all of which wld sleep wth her) wound up with rash like itchy bumps on their belly and side where she had slept.

How To Cure Mange in Dogs | Home Remedies For Dog Mange!

Mange treatments vary but this home remedy for mange without insecticides will improve dog health instead of deplete it. I have a 13 week old pup with mite mange. I have tried medicated shampoo that didn't work, Now I am trying the old wise tale of borax and 3% hydrogen peroxide and let me be the one to tell you that this stuff actually is working. My pup ghost was losing his fur and was covered in scabs,he was itching like crazy, but just after one treatment I am already seeing a difference.

He scratches a whole lot less and his fur is already growing back. WOW is all I can say and the cost was so much less then you could ever imagine spending on a vet bill for something that doesn;t even work!!!!

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Gina, thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.

It is true that a combination of Borax and Hydrogen peroxide is an effective way to treat lesions and the symptoms of mange in dogs, but you should remember that borax has several toxic aspects as well. The use of borax for short term care usually does not cause any toxicity, but it is proven that skin problems and more severe respiratory and renal problems may occur if it is not used properly or for long time.

Also, the use of medicated shampoo alone for the treatment of dog mange is never effective. Medicated shampoos can only reduce the possibility of a secondary skin infection forming as the mange spreads over the skin and works its way into a more advanced stage. Primary symptoms such as lesions, alopecia (loss of hair), itching etc might need proper care beyond what you describe.

A highly recommended safe and approved treatment method for mange in dogs includes a lime–sulfur dip such as , depending upon the severity of the condition. In general, treatment with a dip should be repeated 3x after every ten days. These types of products are available without a prescription.

In addition to the use of a dip, regular baths with a medicated shampoo combined with anti parasitic preparations such as those offered by , initially 3x a week and latter on once in a week are recommended. In addition, some patients might require the administration of injections from a veterinarian of ivermectin or similar medications, depending upon the status of the mange problem.

It should also be noted that the treatment of mange is usually not enough. Prevention of its recurrence and disinfection is mandatory for your and your pets safety to avoid the condition spreading to humans. You should disinfect all of your dog's belongings and the environment with a product designed to kill mange mites such as .

Natural remedies are an alternative option for regular treatment such as , but should be considered for added support to repel mites after your dog has been treated with a dip and medicated shampoo. These are safe and do not require any prescription. Follow the manufacturers directions regarding doses and administration.

How To Cure Mange in Dogs Home Remedies For Dog Mange!

My dog a welsh corgi had mange after many different treatments and shots, prednoise that nearly killed her (it made the mites go nuts, lowered her imunity even more so she could not fight them at all) got severe loose stools that became bloody. Finally my vet scrapped her and mites! Was on Ivermectin for 4 months and was gone, a beautiful hairy coat again. They returned one year later when we went to stay in the same house again, this time I cought them, back on the ivermectin again. This drug is toxic to her but had no choice or so I thought. Now after over another year we had her cared for by my son in the same house and she came home with red large bite areas on her belly scratching and the same smell. I used the borax/peroxide treatment descrided here and we will see how it works. Already she is not scratching and the red bites are less red today after a late night bath in borax and got 5 ml of apple cider vinger as well. She hates the acv but I will try anything to keep her off the ivermictin to protect her liver. I will give an update later on. I hear alot of vets say give flea treatments like once a month programs to build up they fight. They have never worked for me or any of my sisters dogs. Heres hoping!!

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