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Hello Uealene Nelson, I have a big yard with two dogs that are also in and out of the house. I used cedar chips around the areas of the house where there is shade to treat the yard and prevent fleas. There is a small area that has only dirt and I bought nematodes from amazon. It is a high maintenance method in the beginning but it seems to work. You can just google nematodes and you will see a good deal of remedies.

We're going to show you how to get rid of fleas, discuss the best methods for treating your dog, and how to tackle common problems with these pests.

Diamataceous Earth (food grade) is a natural supplement that kills fleas and worms on contact. It works by essentially creating cracks in the pests exoskeleton, thus drying them out. Give approx 1 tbsp mixed in with food (depending on dogs size) to treat for parasites. It is natural and safe to use as both a preventative and treatment. Topically you can apply directly to fur to treat for fleas; you can sprinkle some on your dogs waste if they have worms to prevent accidental transmissions to other pets. (Although its best to just pick it up right away anyway) if you are treating for an active case of worms continue the treatment for at least 1-2 month. Since DE kills on contact with the organism only you need to be sure to continue the treatment for several larvae cycles to ensure they don't come back. Can also be used around perimeter of your house. Be sure you only use FOOD GRADE diamataceous earth, and take precautions not to inhale or let your pets inhale it. Like any small particulate it can cause lung damage if inhaled frequently.

7 Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs - Flea Bites on Humans

How To Keep Your Senior Dog Flea-Free. Avoid the itch and annoyance of fleas on your senior dog with these tips for treating or preventing a flea infestation. Dog Anti-Itch Treatments – this is more of a soothing treatment for a dog that has been suffering from a bad flea infestation that you have gotten rid of. It is perfect for use after a flea bath or after you’ve used a flea spray. It will provide immediate relief to your dog from the effects of being bitten a lot by the fleas. It is often used on rescue dogs that have suffered for extended periods of time with flea infestations.

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Oral Flea Treatments – There are a few great ingestible flea treatments on the market that involve giving the dog a pill once a month. They are easy to give and work well to get rid of fleas and ticks by sterilizing the female so eggs can’t be laid. The oral treatments don’t kill the adult fleas and they will usually jump off to find a better tasting host, so if you choose this method, you will need to couple it with a flea bath and treat the yard and house also.

Flea Treatment for Dogs - Flea Bites on Humans

If your pregnant dog has a problem with fleas, you can't treat the dog with medications as this could endanger the dog's unborn puppies. There are some things you can do for your dog, however. Using all natural methods, you can be sure that your dog and her puppies will be fine and that the fleas will be gone.Why wage chemical warfare against fleas if you can get rid of them naturally? Make sure that the flea treatments that you use are safe for a nursing dog. Instead, get rid of those critters without hurting the pups by trying some natural treatments first and only use harsh treatments if the others don't work.