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Hello folks, tried a lot of the remedies these good people posted but to no avail. First time this year she has picked up fleas, probably from the park tried expensive ( to me ) treatments to not so expensive but every night I find one or two on her. By the way shes a boxer with a lovely temperament. This week talking to a new pet store owner he recommended Johnsons 4fleas tablets. I was sceptical having used their powders, but I have not seen a flea since I am elated. Perhaps it will not work on some dogs, but if it helps just a few I will be glad I posted this.

If not prevented or treated, fleas and ticks can cause a variety of potential health issues for dogs, including:

I was a professional groomer for 20 yrs.
Plain Dawn is typically used for flea infestations in young kittens and puppies that are too young for flea kitten or puppy shampoos. The Dawn does a good job of suffocating the fleas. Sometimes it takes more than one application of Dawn, but this is all done during the same bathing procedure. Eye drops or salve to guard the eyes from irritants in shampoos should be used, cotton balls in the ears to keep water (and many times fleas) from entering and starting the shampooing on the head should be done and then working your way down the body. Be sure all shampoo is washed off, paying attention to under elbows, chests, bellies, between hind legs and throats. Be gentle around the face in rinsing, but be sure it’s done well.
Problems can start from a flea allergy and those needs to be addressed. Consult your vet.
While your pet is being treated for fleas, so should the environment. House, bedding, outside, etc.
It’s best to use only veterinarian approved topical flea medications or oral medications, as OTC medications have caused extreme allergies and death.
Pets with dry skin can benefit from a good oatmeal shampoo, but for it to really work it needs to stay on the skin around 15 min. A good moisturizing conditioner should be followed up after the shampoo.
The public typically doesn’t have access to many of the shampoos professional groomers do, but one that was moved to OTC and is an excellent shampoo is Eqyss Micro-Tek. It does an awesome job in dealing with skin conditions and is safe for kittens and puppies. I retired around 6 yrs. ago, but saw a lot of major improvements in the dogs I used this product on.
This is not a substitution for veterinary advice, just my experience with 20 yrs. of being a groomer, running pet and show dog kennels and being a vet’s assistant.

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Topical prevention and treatment of ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, biting flies and lice for monthly use on dogs and puppies. I don't use chemical flea products on my pack. I fight fleas by keeping grass trimmed in the dog areas to reduce their habitat. I will treat the dog areas with a simple green cleaning solution for odors, which also discourages fleas in those areas. I check my dogs for parasites regularly and use a flea comb to remove any fleas I do find. I use floor lamp flea traps in the house to catch any hitchhikers. If we go for a walk in the woods everyone goes into the tub for a bath and flea comb when we get home. If I *had* to use a topical flea deterrent I would consider an essential oil spray - google recipes for home made topical flea sprays using essential oils like cedar or geranium. Spray down the feet and feathering and under carriage before walks - fleas and ticks do not want to hitchhike on a pet that smells like cedar! I do think that a healthy pet is simply not as appealing to a parasite than an unhealthy host. So having your dog in top condition, on great groceries and on a rotating water schedule with baking soda to alkalize goes a long way at deterring fleas. I hope something here helps you! Fingers crossed for a killing frost [followed up by weeks of Indian Summer, yes?].

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Thank you!! We have 2 dogs and are “dog sitting” 2 others. I was horrified to find out they all had fleas. They are house dogs so, of course, my house has/had fleas too. I’ve used a fogger, sprayed the carpet with spray that will kill eggs, treated the dogs, twice, steam cleaned my carpets and sprayed and washed down all of my furniture. Is there anything else that I need to do? Do you think it’s important to treat our yard? None of the dogs had been around other dogs or animals except for chickens so I’m not sure where they got them. Thank you so much for your help! I was kind of in a panic but your site has helped me tremendously. I think maybe I may be able to get rid of them after all.

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