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I was returning with my foster pup from a visit to a prospective adopter in my Toyota Sienna van when we were hit from behind by a man driving a Ford 150 truck (he was looking down to dial his cell phone) at approximately 50 miles an hour (estimate by police). Milo was in a Travel-Aire crate that was secured behind the driver's seat. The van was mangled around us totaled....but we were both OK. The crate was twisted a little but Milo was cushioned in a thick blanket in the crate. I have too many dogs to use crates for everyone but I prefer harnesses and seat belt restraints anyway. We have a new tiny 3.4 pounds foster boy.....everyone gets seat belted in the never know what is going to happen....even on a short driving trip!!

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As much as you may hate it, your furry friend sometimes has to travel in a crate. If you are shopping for a kennel aire dog crate, make you the model you are looking at meets most airline requirements for domestic and international travel. Below you will find a number of airline-approved options to consider.

Are the airline stickers and bowls included with this kennel.

Extra-Large Travel-Aire Dog / Pet Kennel / Crate / Carrier - Airline Safe A Travel-Aire dog crate with bed. This crate has a silver tone hard plastic exterior with air holes to the sides. It has a black steel door with a lock. This lot includes a white rectangular fur like bed.

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What We Like About the Kennel-Aire 30-inch Classic Dog CrateThe Kennel-Aire 30-inch Classic Dog Crate is designed to meet all your pet's needs at home and while traveling

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By land sea and especially air with the Extra-Large Travel-Aire Plastic Dog Kennel you can bring your best friend anywhere! Considered the roomiest of all major brands this pet carriers flow-through ventilation makes for a ultimate in comfortable travel. Its airline approved for domestic and international flights theres no better way to see the world with your dog. This is the perfect travel crate for any breed. Almond color Airline-approved for international and domestic travel Unbreakable side latches - quick easy assembly Flow-through ventilation on all sides Corrosion-proof doors Safety door locks Reinforced sidewall increased strength without excess weight Dimensions: 18 H x 17 W x 26 D Pictured in gray - Ship Weight: 20.94 lbs.I cannot imagine traveling without all my dogs crated. I mourn the fact, you cannot buy the old Y-lock Kennel-aire crates any more. You could sit on them & they were pretty darn escape-proof (they had 1 inch wire openings, only) and I've known many dogs that DID surive serious accidents in them.

A dog friend had a dog in one, & another dog beside it in a cheaper crate, when hit from behind. Only the dog in the KA surived. The other crate collapsed & the dog was mangled, so badly it had to be put down. Yet the dog in the KA was fine, and the crate was only dented.

In fact, you can't buy any Kennel-aires for that matter, since they were bought out by Petmate in 2011. As far as I can tell, the company decided not to make the brand, after buying them out. One of the best crates ever made, IMO. Most people lucky enough to have them - will NOT sell them. They were a bit narrower & shorter than most crates made at the time, and most did not fold into perfect suitcases - but now that so many vehicles have become narrower in the wheel wells, they would be very popular, again. If you see one on Craigslist or Ebay, you might want to consider buying it. They made a later version with Cam-locks, but that was not as good, IMO.