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Often times the owners of small or toy dog breeds assume that they do not have as many options for small dog training collars, as those owners of medium or large sized dogs. The truth however is that the options are numerous, and any type of training collar that is available for larger dogs also comes in sizes appropriate for the smallest of dogs. While it is obviously true that the amount of physical strength required to control a small Terrier type dog is much less than that which might be required to control a dog such as a German Shepherd, one should never overlook the fact that a small dog can have just as much, or more might and perspicacity as the largest of all dogs. It is sometimes easy to let smaller dogs get away with things that we would never allow a large dog to do, however making an allowance or turning a blind eye occasionally can create a world of problems later on. For this reason alone any owner of a small or toy dog breed would be wise to train him just as he would if the dog were a Great Dane.

Here are a few collars that over time have proven to be quite effective when it comes to remote training of small dogs.

Our K9 Updated allows every dog owner to do safer training. You can thank to its vibration and beep warning system. If you want to use it for your small dogs, then you can choose their type called Toy for 5-pound dog. The pro of this collar is that it will give no physical pain to the dogs. The cons are the difficulty to find replacement when it stops working.

Dog Training Collars Classic Small 0.75" Width – Silverfoot

Small Dog Training Collar The SportDOG Field Trainer A-Series manages to pack many of the features of other SportDOG brand dog training collars into a much smaller compact version for use in more close-training situations. The range of the is unit is only 500 yards, which is a lot smaller than some other dog training e-collars, but it is perfect for yard training and for training in smaller open spaces.

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#10: MaKa Dog Barking Control Training Collar for Small & Medium Sized Dogs- Humane Safe No-Shock Anti-Bark Collar Stop Barking With Vibration & Sound Stimuli 7 Levels Sensitivity Adjustment

Dogtra iQ Plus Small Dog Training Collar 2-dog