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I have loved Shoppers from the time they opened their Apache Junction store. They have very competitive prices on feeds that many places do not carry such as the Nutrena rabbit feed. They also were and probably are still the only place to carry the extra pans for dog crates, and they are very good priced. Lately we noticed that they have started to carry Coolstance supplement for horses which on this side of town was very hard to find. Staff has always been friendly and helpful and we have almost always found what we needed or they looked into ordering it for us. Even with tractor supply opening we still prefer Shoppers. For a small run store they have a good selection and we hate to go elsewhere. Thank you for being such a great store.

Tractor Supply has a wide variety of large kennels, multiple sized dog houses and crates.

The crate should be just large enough for the dog to lay down, stand up and turn around in. If you have a puppy this means you will go through at least 3 different sizes as the puppy grows, small to larger. The crates are all pretty much the same no matter what the name brand is so price has more importance than brand. An example is, Tractor Supply sells Remington and Pet Smart has Pet Taxi. The exact same box (same size) with different names on them (and different prices).

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