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a dog bed was durable and tough , had SUPER EASY to remove dog bed covers that were completely washable (go ahead! Why not wash it every day!), had options to customize even months/years down the road, was designed to last a lifetime, and the only big dog bed you will ever have to buy?

Unique Dog Bed Covers, TOUGH Dog Beds, Durable Pet Beds, Dog Crate Covers at Affordable Prices!

Zippers are a point of weakness in a bed that tough doggies are waiting to exploit. Most beds have a zippered cover for easy removal to throw it in the washing machine for cleaning. The zipper is normally found around the outside edge of the bed, making it very accessible.

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Light yet tough dog bed cover, made from water- and odor-resistant ripstop nylon. Can make custom sizes and different heights. This dog bed cushion cover is made with: Anti-Mildew High Tear Strength Tough 18 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric 1000 Denier. 100% Waterproof sewed with sunbrella thread.

Tough, stylish replacement cover fits our Premium Dog Bed.

✤ Chew Proof: One of the great things about the HyperD 300 material is that it is the best defense against the rough and tough bunch. The main dog bed cover features this material.

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XL 38x50 Tough Dog Bed Cover - Made from 29 OZ Waterproof Marine Grade Vinyl in Rhino Grey - Use four sleeping pillows as stuffing. $63.00, via Etsy.Either way, this chew-proof bed for dogs from Orvis is designed for semi heavy duty chewers. It's big, comfortable, high quality and tough. The cover is removable, and you can always wash it in the machine. Again, remember to read this chewproof dog bed reviews from other pet owners before deciding on anything.Our Titan products come with a 30 day chew tough guarantee. This protects your investment in case the cover gets damaged. If your dog damages the cover within the first thirty days, we replace the bed cover one time. This guarantee only protects the cover as we do not replace the foam. We will however, replace the foam at a reduced cost as a courtesy when needed. Please note the nothing is indestructible and the root cause of most chewing is separation anxiety. This needs to be addressed in conjunction with a Tough Buddy Titan bed in order to reduce destructive behavior.Ballistic nylon – extremely durable material made of tough and thick synthetic nylon that covers the cushion of a dog bed. This material is resistant to tearing and easy to clean. You’ve probably seen in other products such as watchbands, suitcases, motorcycle jackets and tool belts.