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DIY Pet Food Canister & Pedigree Dog Food posted by TidyMom: "You know those popcorn tins you get at Christmas? You can wash them out, paint them and decorate with some vinyl and fill with your dog or cat food! I picked up a can of yellow spray paint, cut some fun vinyl with my Silhouette SD, hot glued cute ribbon around the lid and in no time I had a cute storage container."


I found a Christmas tin at a garage sale for 50¢, picked up a can of yellow spray paint, cut some fun vinyl with my , hot glued cute ribbon around the lid and in no time I had a cute storage container for favorite dog food, all for only a few dollars.

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Dog Food Storage Container Grey Retro Treats Biscuits Tin Bin Lid Holder Barrel canned dog food probably won't last more than a couple of servings anyway, so I think it should be fine in the cans probably for about as long as you would keep any other leftover. Cans are aluminum and coated with plastics on the inside these days so it shouldn't be rusting at all, really.

I would be concerned about eating canned food due to the fact that if it's plastic lined, the plastic coating on the inside currently contains BPA, but not all cans are coated inside.

there are plastic can lid tops that you can buy at the grocery store for about a dollar or two a pack, and they usually come in packs of two or three. That should keep your food fresh enough while you are feeding it and all it does is snap over the top of the can.

You could put unused food into a rubbermaid fridge container too, it's just a matter of whether you want to dirty up the storage bowls with dog food or not.

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A delightful step above traditional plastic dog food storage containers, our recycled steel dog food storage canisters are eye-catching and stylish. Featuring two sturdy handles, an airtight lid, and scoop, these canisters are the perfect complement to our dog treat tins and dog food and water bowls. Choose from looks inspired by French bistros, Sweetgrass or The Great Outdoors.

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We've compiled these important pet food storage tips, andrecommendations for the best dog food containers to helpyou ensure your pooch is eating the freshest and healthiest dog foodpossible.Should I use a plastic storage container for my cat or dog’s food?
Many cat and dog owners like to transfer their cat or dog’s dry food from the bag to another container. Studies by Hill's® packaging engineers have shown that storage in a variety of plastic containers (garbage cans, zip-to-close bags, garbage or, kitchen bags, rubber/plastic containers, plastic pails, etc.) may impart an odor and taste to dry pet foods that adversely effects the taste of the food. Zip-to-close bags, garbage and similar bags will also not prevent fat from accumulating on the outside of the bag. Storage in clean metal containers (small metal tins, metal garbage cans, etc.) is acceptable. If you do prefer using a storage container, keep the food in the original bag within the container to create an ideal storage location.