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Other people's collar rivet dogtags used these ideas, click to personalize one for yourself:

However, the reality is that many businesses and employees are ignorant of this law. Whether people choose a tag, a vest or a bandana, a properly identified dog will receive less hassles than one without. We think service dog tags are best because:

Therapy Dog Tag - Shield Shaped Tag - Engraved Service Dog ID Tags

LUKE says all his service dog buddies out there should be wearing Service Dog Tags: Fashion sense with a higher purpose!!! We offer engraved dog tags, print decals and signs, as well as: Many of our products can be engraved with your dog's breed and name and can be customized based on if it's a service or therapy dog. The handler dog tag gives owners a convenient and visible option to inform others that they require the assistance of a service dog.

Service/Therapy Dog Tags and Signs - ADASDF

Our ID tags for working, service and therapy dogs are custom made and engraved, with inscriptions in large, bolded text for easy, quick reading. In addition to traditional tags we offer ID patches and cards to allow for clear, concise identification of your dog and their respective duties to their owner.

Service/Therapy Dog Tags and Signs

Latching on to suckle at the lifeblood of these laws' good intentions are the fine purveyors of fake dog tags emblazoned with words like "service animal" or "therapy dog." The tags give the false impression that the dog must be allowed in retail stores under state and municipal law."I have ordered the Service ID tag before, this is why I ordered again. My service dog is small. Without her I don't know what I would do. She has been trained as a service/therapy dog..She not only helps me but many in nursing home.. She has many grandparents. Many times she had not been allowed in places..Now with these small ID tags I don't have a problem.. People think because she is small that there's no way she is a service dog..service dogs are suppose to be BIG..She was first in her class for training. she beat out large dogs..I carry her service dog certificate with me, when places give me a hard time.. Lot's of places are coming around today about service dogs and it's about time..The small tags are perfect for her and the large one is perfect when they look at her funny..I don't fly but have been told there would be no problem bringing her on the plane.. Like I said have done business with this company before and always will.. I received the tags in no time. Thank you for making my and Dallas life a lot easier .."Whether people choose a tag, a vers or a bandana, a properly idntified dog will receive less hasslesthan one without. We think service dog tags are best because:Jack Carrier, the owner of , based in Asheville, generously provided 50 tags and Dog Tag Art representatives Ryan Deal and Galen Deming presented the personalized tags to pet visitation volunteers at a June 12 meeting at the College. Jeralie Andrews, Coordinator of Volunteer and Intern Services, brought the volunteers together to schedule the pet visitation teams throughout A-B Tech and review the rules of the three therapy dog registries governing their volunteer assignments. Deal and Galen were first on the agenda to personally present the tags to the owners of the dogs.