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Draper Canine Therapy® Dog Beds offer a high quality therapeutic bed for relief from surgery, injuries or arthritic conditions.

So, why do they work and which dogs will benefit the most? This page covers these questions for both types of therapeutic beds.

When you buy a therapeutic bed for your dog, you need to evaluate each model that you come by in two different ways. You need to look at the kind of support that each model provides to be certain. That’s a given. But you need to look into whether there are any extra features that can help as well. The makers of therapeutic dog beds offer electrically heated or cooled models, for instance.

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Learn the two main types of therapeutic dog beds along with our recommendations for each. Of all the beds we tested, it was most difficult to put on and take off the cover of L.L. Bean’s Therapeutic Dog Couch, but it’s a lovely and comfortable bed.

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Many dog owners find that therapeutic dog beds can be a wonderful way to make their dogs comfortable and happy even when they are healthy. People often report on popular pet equipment websites about how their dogs seem to never want to leave their beds when they get a therapeutic model. Some dog owners even find that their children seem to derive more satisfaction from their therapeutic dog bed purchases than their pets do. Apparently, these are usually exactly the right size for three-year-old children.

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Please take a look at our website to browse our selection of therapeutic pet beds for sale online. All Natural Dog Beds’ best-selling pet beds are the orthopedic dog beds and the . Our Sleep In Bed bed features a cozy sleeping bag compartment for your dogs to burrow into. It is made with organic cotton fabrics and is available with our natural Talalay latex mattress or a washable, fluffy pillow.I hear the term therapeutic dog bed just about everyday. A lot of manufacturers and stores claim to have therapeutic dog beds, when in reality, their beds are really no different that the standard dog beds purchased very cheaply at your local big box store. Therefore, I wanted to clear this term up and define it a little more in depth.Not only do we sell the best organic dog beds, but we also specialize in creating the best and cotton mats for your furry friend. Be sure to look around our site for more information on these products, as well as our and . If you want only the best for your pet, be sure to buy our therapeutic dog beds online!Older dogs will also find that warmed dog beds can be quite therapeutic. Everyone knows that heat is great for aching joints, and with the proper dog bed your older friend will be able to sleep easily and happily throughout the night or even just get some relief during the day if they find themselves in pain.