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Billy's first days in his new house are sad, but as winter sets in, he explores the old house by himself, still missing his dog. Then, one day, he finds a loose floorboard, and underneath it a shoebox with some intriguing contents--a worn and floppy green hat, some lumps of coal, and a shriveled tangerine. It's a mystery, but when Billy wakes to find a deep snowfall outside, he immediately sees what to do with his find.

Outside Billy builds a snowman, placing the old hat on his head, wrapping the scarf around his neck, giving him a big smile and buttons with the lumps of coal, and placing a new tangerine in place for his nose. Then Billy has an inspiration. He shapes a snowdog, just like his own dog, to stand beside the snowman and keep him company.

Around midnight, Billy is wakened by a familiar bark and looks out his window.

The Snowman lifts Billy and Snowdog in his arms and suddenly they are flying through the midnight blue sky, filled with stars and then with a host of soaring snowmen! Billy is dizzy with the thrill of it all. At the North Pole, he meets Santa, who gives him a special gift.

Back home again, Billy can hardly speak, but he whispers that he wishes the Snowman and Snowdog could stay with him. Then he remembers Santa's present and opens it to find a dog collar. He puts it around Snowdog's neck.

With the approval of Raymond Briggs, creator of the original 1982 , this new companion book, (Random House, 2014) captures some of the magic of Brigg's classic, with the addition of the sure-fire kid-pleasing elements of a Christmas puppy and a visit to Santa's North Pole workshop. Artists Hilary Audus and Joanna Harrison create the look of Brigg's Snowman nearly perfectly, but as a whole the work does not quite match the charm and wry visual humor of the wordless original. To see Brigg's boy putting the Snowman to bed in his family's chest-type freezer or the Snowman fanning himself in front of the family fridge to cool off, make sure that the original is "read" first in tandem with this sequel. Not to be missed is the award-winning video of Brigg's book, and there is also a new DVD of the companion book,

Together, these books and videos make for happy holiday giving, and for go-with stocking stuffers, there are also the plush toy tie-ins, and

For more, , "frosty" snowman fun, don't miss Caralyn Buehner's and Mark Teague's best-selling snowy series, and Check out my reviews .Labels: , ,

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6. Tug Toys - Last but not least is the tug toy. In our house, many things work as tug toys. Braided fleece, rope, fire hose toys, etc. all prove to be great tugs. But on special occasions we let our boys play their favorite game of tug. You will need one awesome, adorable intact plush stuffed dog toy. Drop it on the floor and sit back for the show. If your dogs are anything like mine, this is their favorite indoor game. One will grab the toy and shake it like a Polaroid picture. Dog 2 wants in on the game. He grabs the other end and before you know it, it's snowing toy stuffing in your living room. The adorable stuffed toy is no longer intact and the carcass is discarded for the ultimate jackpot: the squeaker. One holds the little plastic squeaker in his front teeth and the other does the same, at the other end. They might stand lips to lips in a tug standstill for minutes at a time. This is the game, and they love it. This game requires some clean-up on your part, and will destroy one of your cutest toys, but hey, whatever it takes to survive winter.

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The Snowman Snowdog Bean Toy Just like every other animal, dogs sometimes need to get their bodies moving to keep things moving, especially their bowels. Take your dog out with you while shoveling their poop path and throw a ball or toy around for them. Lots of dogs are overcome with excitement in the snow and quickly enter hyper-frisky mode, so getting them running should be easy.

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On a summer day a young boy named Billy and his mother arrive at the house, which they have just moved into. Billy helps his elderly dog from the removal van and they enter the property. As autumn arrives it becomes apparent that Billy's dog has died and one can see the family burying him in the back garden. With approaching Billy writes to in the form of a hand-drawn picture; the one and only thing he asks for is another dog. In his excitement, at the prospect of posting the letter, he stumbles over a loose floorboard in his bedroom and beneath it discovers some toys including a toy aeroplane and a small box tied with tinsel. Within the box he finds a photo of James and the Snowman along with the original scarf, hat, coal lumps and an old dried up (once the Snowman's nose).

The Snowman and The Snowdog - Soft Toy Gift Set.