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Since you are posting on the best raw foods thread, I’m assuming you are considering a raw diet? If so and looking for a commercially prepared raw diet, I would chose a company that uses HPP for their poultry. I’m using Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Dinner right now as a topper for both my dogs. They love it and I find it looks more like real meat than other raw brands I’ve used. Just as a warning though, commercial raw can be expensive for us big dog owners!

Stella & Chewy’s is the BEST raw dog food! My dog, Lola love, love, loves it!

Personally, I make a batch of dog food once a week in the slow cooker using meat/organs, veggies, and a little rice. Maybe some yogurt on top when I serve it. Dogs do very well on rice, even if they don’t eat it in the wild. Then they get a daily raw chicken foot as a toothbrush/ calcium source. Maybe my recipe would horrify some people with its lack of “balance” or whatever but this is just what works best for me and my dogs.

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Anna – If you’re searching for the best raw dog food, then I’m guessing you’ve found BARF! Wow. This is getting heavy man! I like what Dr. Sagman said though… you are comparing apples (dry kibble) to oranges (raw food) to bananas (canned food) to mangoes (rolled food)… etc… you have to just stick with one rating system with the understanding that a five star kibble is five star because it is the best kibble… not because it is better than a raw or canned etc. Like, Roger Ebert will give a fun action movie 4-stars because it did a great job at what it was made for; that’s not to say it is a great film like American Beauty or Citizen Kane… maybe you could call it the Citizen Kane of action pictures… but you get the point. I think if you are feeding you dog 5-star ANYTHING, he’s eating better than 70% of the dogs in this country.

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Hi everyone . I for one am going to let go of the raw vs other debate . I believe everyone who enters this site , is trying to do the best for their dog. We are all passionate about this subject . I will admit that I would love to feed the very best . I can’t afford more than 5 star kibble , so boo hoo me . I think most of us do the best we can for our pets . I don’t have a problem with Cathy or any other poster who is commited to real food . I do have a problem with dog food company reps pitching their products . Sorry Bill . Anyway folks ,this is my last post on this subject . Happy feeding to all !!!

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