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Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Small Bites Dry Dog Food is: * Made with premium ingredients* Full of specialized kibble to clean teeth* Formulated to reduce plaque and bacteria* Fortified with amino acids to boost the immune system* Easy to digest and highly palatable

Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Small Bites Dry Dog Food is:

I have a three year old Silky terrier whose around seven to ten pounds, she refuses to gain more weight and her vet said she's perfectly healthy at that weight. My problem is that she keeps eating the cat food! My cat is a picky eater, anything but the Purina Sensitive Systems for cat's food makes him throw up, and he's old so he can't jump up high to get to his food. Both their food bowls are on the kitchen floor with their water between them. I have tried buying a smaller bowl for my dog, changing her food (she used to only eat the Purina dry food and she won't eat ANY wet food she turns her nose up at it) I'm not sure what else to do, I even try to just feed my cat at night but he's a slow eater and I worry that he's not getting the food he needs because she's eating it all. I'm also worried about what kind of effects eating the cat food might have on my dog? I know she's still eating her dog food, but she's also eating the cat food. She doesn't seem to be gaining a ton of weight or anything I'm just very worried. If anyone has a way to stop her from eating the cat food it'd be really appreciated. Unfortunately I can't just scold her as I'm not always home/awake when she is eating it, but I know she's eating it because her dog food is nearly always untouched. Again cat is old so putting his food up high is not an option, I don't want him to fall and hurt himself.

Kim Kuntie - Ran into Clinton Vet today to buy td dog food..

#topdogcarts 15" flat top griddle on Top Dog Carts TD 18 model food cart Blondie is small, but she is a real escape artist when it comes to brushing her teeth. Luckily, I have found a nutritious solution for the small, hard to reach places. Recent studies have demonstrated there is an association between oral health issues and systemic general health issues affecting the kidney, heart and metabolic systems.
Prescription Diet t/d keeps teeth clean and helps control the oral bacteria found in plaque. Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Small Bites Dry Dog Food has a special fiber matrix that scrubs the exposed tooth surface like an edible toothbrush, reducing bacteria-laden plaque. If left unchecked, this buildup can lead to gingivitis, a dental condition that can weaken the gums and tissues that support the teeth.
Awarded the Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance for helping reduce both plaque and tartar accumulation, Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Small Bites Dry Dog Food consists of a unique kibble that scrubs away laden plaque in the mouth to promote systemic health. It is clinically proven to reduce plaque, stain and tartar buildup in dogs under 20 pounds body weight, and reduces bad breath.

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TD: No, no we give him dog food