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I am so frustrated trying to find a grain free food for my allergy prone dogs. I was going to try taste of the wild but I am worried about the recalls. Also thinking about Victor GF but not so sure about all the vegetable pomace they use. I can’t really afford more than $50 for a 30 lb bag but was going to make an exception for Victor because of the calorie density, protein level and 5 star rating on here.

Sep 17, 2015 - Taste of the Wild is a grain free pet food for dogs and cats

Two new dog formulas are now available in the Taste of the Wild line up of grain-free pet food, helping pet owners satisfy their dog’s instinctual cravings and ancestral diet. Appalachian Valley and Pine Forest both contain venison as the main protein, providing dog owners an option for pets with protein sensitivities. In addition, Appalachian Valley is the first Taste of the Wild formula developed specifically for small breed dogs, offering a smaller kibble size and specialized formula just for small dogs.

The Taste of the Wild product line includes nine dry dog foods

Taste Of The Wild | Taste Of The Wild Dog Food | Grain And Potato Free Dog Food. Taste of the Wild is a grain free pet food for dogs and cats. Most of the dog foods have a higher meat protein content than conventional dog foods but the price is less than some of the most expensive high protein brands such as .

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i have five beagles, one with pancreatitis who has to take meds to help her digest her food, and have canned added to her food to keep weight on her. i’ve been feeding her puppy chow and the other four just reg dog food….had no idea about grain/gluten free, but now seeing that i’m wondering about food allergies, it’s got me thinking about the grain free. picked Taste of the Wild Wetlands because of the 5 star rating. i got lucky in that the canned that i’m using, i picked the good stuff just by luck. at our local grocery store (not wallyworld) i buy Variety Homestyle Stews 5 stars, and Dogswell Happy Hips grain/gluten free, also 5 stars. i look at caloric count for my girlie. look at it this way, if you have to give her puppy chow, she won’t be a puppy for long….get a bin big enough to hold two big bags, and just put them in side by side…..i keep a smaller container that i reload from the big bags…..gotta love the beagles!!!! baroooooooooo

Taste of the Wild makes pet food for cats and dogs