Dog Leash Swivel Coupler - Bright Pink - Premium Tufflock

Perfect for walking or training medium to extra large dogs, this custom dog leash is equipped with a marine grade, 316 stainless steel clip. An optional compact CE rated carabiner is available. The CE mark indicates that the carabiner has passed strength testing requirements. For the really big dogs, a 360 degree U.S. made CE rated nanoSwivel and locking carabiner are available.

It’s Ideal as a second leash stowed on a boat or an extra long leash allowing your dog to get some swim time when you’re walking on the beach.

Cape Hobbycraft-Dog Leash Pink With Nickel Plated Swivel Hook. The perfect leash to use while walking your dog. Made of cotton overlay and durable webbing. This package contains one 6 foot long and 1 inch wide dog leash with a nickel plated swivel hook.

Dog Leash Swivel Handle – Poochie Mama Hawaii

Conveniently walk two dogs at once with this easy to use tandem dog leash that features a tangle free metal swivel and reinforced handle For those with large to extra large dogs wanting the additional safety provided by a leash equipped with a carabiner but want the added ability to swivel 360°, this nanoSwivel may be a good option.

Two-dog leash with swivel yoke Is perfect for walking the Boys

For added strength and safety carabiners are a good choice. For strong dogs that may require leash training, or if a concern exist with an overly excitable or aggressive dog; a carabiner is also a good choice. You wont have the swivel ability like a regular clip. If you need both the carabiner and the swivel action, you may need to consider upgrading your leash with a nanoSwivel & carabiner combination.

Two-dog leash with swivel yoke Is perfect for walking the Boys.

This leash will make walking two or more dogs at once so much easier. Each dog over 2 dogs is an extra $18.00. The leash is 52 inches long and has a built-in swivel that prevents the tangling of leashes. You'll love it! All Coupler products are tangle-free!The key point for this leash is the brass swivel which allows dogs to walk tangle free.
You may adjust the length of each leash, making walking dogs of different heights easier. The swivel keeps the leashes from tangling as you walk along. You won’t need to keep switching leashes from hand to hand. With snaps on the ends of both leashes, if you only want to walk one dog, the second leash may easily be removed.
These are available in 3/8, 5/8, 3/4 and 1 inch widths sizes. The handle is padded for your comfort. One additional leash may be ordered if you want to walk more than two dogs at a time. Extra leash not available in the 1 inch width.It's harder to give individual correction, however, it's a great coupler. Because one adult and one puppy I prefer luxury of leash coupler which allows individual dog correction. Swivels are awesome. Note: wish silver was an option as I hate yellow gold/metalThis 2ft double dog coupler can be used with most any dog leash equipped with a carabiner. A standard size clip will not fit the reinforced eye on the coupler. An optional swivel carabiner as seen on our is a perfect upgrade for extra large dogs.