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Skinneeez stuffing free dog toy satisfies a dog's natural hunting instinct. With no stuffing to rip out, the toy offers long lasting play. The new bungee action makes this Skinneeez Raccoon a great tug toy that stretches to 36".Comes with two squeakers.

Ethical Pet Skinneeez plush raccoon dog toys contain no messy stuffing!

Featuring fun squeakers in the head and tail, these stuffing-free toys create less mess for owners of overly-enthusiastic dogs. Available options include a raccoon, deer, fox, squirrel, platypus, or skunk, and products come in mini, regular, or jumbo sizes. Animals are machine-washable for hours of playtime fun.

Skinneeez Raccoon Dog Toy, Stuffing Free

Customers’ favorite stuffed raccoon toys, as rated on Amazon. Delightful plush children's toys, raccoon puppets, dog toys, and more! JW Pet Crackle Heads Ricky Raccoon Dog Toy is a stuffing-free, plush toy that features a fun squeaker for added enjoyment! The Ricky Raccoon dog toy also features a long plush tail with squeakers!

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FIDO Friendly’s got the inside scoop on a new line of dog toys from Premier Pet Products and we’re happy to announce it to the world. With holiday shopping time in near full bloom, shed some rainbows on Black Friday and log on or gander out for 3 B’s and and R. Translated, that’s the new Pogo Plush Beaver, Bunny, Ball, and Raccoon.

What makes these Premier Pet Products toys so different from anything else on the dog toy market? You know how typical stuffed animals for dogs end up shredded, ripped apart with remnants of once-fluffy stuffing strewn about your abode? Premier Pet Products has a patent-pending design with a really cool bounce-back movement (an inner bouncy frame) and a free floating squeaker that moves within the toy along with NO stuffing! We love this because it keeps Fido guessing, busy and engaged. Paws up for that!

There is no stuffing inside, so no worries about Fido ripping into a new toy and spitting it ever so gingerly on the living room floor. Too cute for words are the designs of these dog toys. My spaniel pined for the raccoon and bunny while his cohort in all things play, rescue dog Zola, got her groove on with the Pogo Blush Beaver toy. The two had quite the tug-of-war session with the bunny’s ears, which I am happy to report are intact and ready for round two.

With the line launching on November 22, 2010, you can learn more about the Pogo Plush line and all of the Premier Pet Products by visiting their website at: P
Priced right, play for hours and fret-free non-stuffing toys with a unique moveable squeaker and cushy bounce back action kept the humans laughing and the dogs wagging for hours. This is one of those unique line of dog toys both you and Fido will fall in love with, each for your own respective reasons. I have to say, it was awfully hard parting with the beaver toy, his cute little teeth and all.

Note: We accept no monetary compensation for reviews. Review is NOT sponsored by Premier Pet Products and is the sole opinion of the reviewer for FIDO Friendly magazine. We welcome your feedback and comments.

Skinneeez Stuffing-free Dog Toy - Raccoon, 23in.