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WHY IS IT AT #9? This is ninth of the best dog chew toys because this bone, while dogs loved it, wasn’t as strongly flavored as the label purported it to be. Several customers commented and said that although their dogs were fans of this dog chew toy, the owners themselves weren’t because it supposedly was flavored and ended up being indistinct enough that it almost was just plain nylon. It also wears down against strong chewers, and when it wears down, it tends to become prickly and bristly. For dogs that are gentle chewers that aren’t finicky about flavor, this is a good buy for them.

This is a list of some of the best chew toys for dogs that need something just a little bit tougher to destroy.

It's great for dogs that get easily frustrated, or those who are good with puzzle toys. The reason this is now one of the best puppy toys for dogs that chew is because you can take the center piece out and stuff more food in there.

They have powerful jaws that call for strong toys

I've heard of some of these, but not all. Thanks for sharing! My dogs would really love more toys but they have to be indestructible. WHY IS IT AT #2? This bone is second on the list of best dog chew toys because it is mainly designed for large canines and, unlike the first puppy toy, it cannot be filled with treats. Other than that, it is still one of the best bones on the market. Customers were most impressed by the durability of these dog bones. People who had previously purchased that had been billed as indestructible found that they weren’t and that frustrated them. With this Nylabone, the nylon stood up to even the hardiest of chewers and lasted months before the dogs were able to break it down. It’s a great investment and well-worth the price (which isn’t bad either).

They, therefore, require toys that are made from strong material

WHY IS IT AT #3? This is third because it is not for dogs that are over 70 pounds, so the size constraint prevented it from being at the first or second spot on the list of best dog chew toys. Benebone has other products for larger dogs, however, so if you’re bummed about that, you can look up some of their big dog bones. The facility this bone is made in handles products with nuts in them, so if someone has a nut allergy in your family, you shouldn’t purchase this bone as a precaution. Overall, owners were pleased with the quality of the Benebone; the nylon was pretty indestructible and the bone lasted at least a month or two before having to be replaced.

Strong ballistic material stands up to tough play .