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Barry Levinson's under-rated "Wag the Dog" is a brilliant piece of satire which is to the 1990s what "All the President's Men" was to the 1970s. The president is in trouble after a sexual scandal with an under-aged girl. Enter Robert DeNiro and Anne Heche who want to distract the nation with something else as they try to get their boss out of the hot seat. The only problem is: nothing is going on. So it is up to them to create something to rally the country around the executive-in-chief. Now enter sleazy, but high class Hollywood director Dustin Hoffman (in a well-deserved Oscar-nominated turn) who is contacted to start an imaginary war. He agrees and the plan works, but as time goes by more and more problems occur and the lies continue to snow-ball. Levinson's excellent direction and Hilary Henkin's clever screenplay raise the performances of all involved. Naturally DeNiro and Hoffman are guaranteed to excel in a film like this, but good work is also done by people like Heche, Denis Leary, William H. Macy, Woody Harrelson and even Willie Nelson (!?). Somewhat ignored in 1997, but still one of the best films of that year and one of the more important films of the 1990s. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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This is the worst Bill Murray, probably, since either of the Garfield movies. It's one of the few movies that manages to make Bill Murray completely ineffective and charmless. That takes a whole lot of fucking effort. And, I'm sure, that the film means well in paying tribute to one of the first women to compete on Afghan Star, an actual show, with this fictional story. But the way they go about it is decidedly retrograde. They had the chance to tell an inspirational story about a woman chasing her dreams in a society that treats women, openly, as subservient and not as worthy as men. But they chose to go with the 'white savior' route, that somebody mentions here, with Bill Murray coming to a foreign country and showing the backwards and ignorant people there how things should really be done. It's a little backwards to be completely honest with you. And it's not even that, because, even with that, you can still have a good movie. The Help was something similar to this, with Emma Stone playing the author that got these black maids' stories out there, and I never finished that movie, but it was quite a good movie up to the point I did see. The problem comes first in the fact that, honestly, the movie is just not that interesting despite being inspired by an inspirational real-life story. Second of all, and this is the biggest problem, are the obvious tonal issues the film suffers from. It doesn't know if it wants to be a comedy or a drama. It's not that funny, so I'm quite surprised that they even managed to make a trailer out of this. I can understand the film wanted to mix comedy with drama, but the way this movie went about was really unskillful. Like they had no idea how to actually execute it. And this film was made by Barry Levinson who, pre-2000s, had a pretty good track record. He did Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam, Wag the Dog, among others. So he's got some pretty great movies under his belt. Which is why this film completely missing the mark when it came to comedy is so perplexing. The movie needed like a good stretch of comedy that never actually came, so, because of that, and because of the fact that it takes almost an hour for Richie to discover Salima, this movie really fucking dragged. Characters disappear without a trace, movie drags along the desert as if dehydrated. It's just a fucking disaster. Perhaps disaster is overstating the point, but this movie just isn't good. It's culturally backwards, poorly written and Bill Murray simply cannot do this on his own. He was handicapped at, pretty much, every possible turn. He needed all the help he could get and, while he tries, it was simply not enough. It's a lifeless and charmless film. Tone deaf and just, really, a poorly made film all around. Bad movie, so I cannot really recommend this in the slightest, even if you love Bill Murray.

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Title: Wag the Dog (1997) When analyzing the fear-based odyssey of today’s War On Terror era in America and in Europe, we see that the public has been subjected to highly sensationalized tragedy, false and misleading wartime agitprop and a ‘Wag the Dog’ reality that has deflected the true nature of organized criminality the world over.

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Black comedy uses humour to make fun of dark or serious subject matters. These kind of comedies are usually characterized by a more cynical view of the world. With black comedies the conventional comedy crisis is left unresolved. At the end of 'Wag The Dog' the crisis is the news of a real threat from Albania and the sudden death of Motss. The conclusion of 'Wag The Dog' illustrates the centrality of irony in black comedy. After Motss' participation in government conspiracy he is then erased by the same conspiratorial power.

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