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Just like people need to eat properly to maintain their health, so do pets. Unfortunately, many brands of dog food are made up of fillers, like grain and corn, which are hard for a dog to digest. Buying dog food with digestible protein sources, where meat is the main ingredient, should help to stop shedding.

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One great way to minimize shedding on your furniture is to stop your dog from getting on it all together. You can tell your dog that you want him off and teach him to obey that command. We can’t promise you he won’t make it his home the second you leave the room, but you can make your best case.

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Most dog-owners use Brewer’s yeast primarily to stop shedding. Since it comes in powders and liquids, it can be easily added to food. I have an 13 year old hound dog mix breed hes roughly 40-45 pounds. I had to have him neutered one year ago due to his sudden and drastic mood swings. When his Veterinarian removed his testes they were very inflamed & mismatched in size by quite a difference. She said that they were possibly cancerous but to know for sure they would have to be sent to the lab, but with him already so old & my spouse, myself horrified that the treatment could/would kill him faster then the short time he might have left to live I declined the test. Well one year later hes doing great but he sheds like the dickens non stop and never ending. It seems he should be bald by now but still has his full coat, its growing back as fast as its falling out. The hairy mess is gonna be the death or loss of sanity for myself.
My question is: Could my dogs hormones falling off the charts after being neutered so late in life cause his sudden non stop shedding?

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Shedding is a natural part of any organism. Even we shed! We lose dead skin, old hair, etc. I don't believe anyone that says their dog "stops" shedding when they change food. Shedding may decrease or increase, but should never stop entirely.

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If your dog, cat, puppy or kitten sheds at any other time than the natural spring shedding cycle, it's time to let Farnum Shed-Stop help! Fed daily, Shed-Stop can safely reduce or eliminate nonseasonal excess shedding while promoting healthy skin and a glossy coat. Veterinarian recommended Shed-Stop is a blend of minerals, oils, herbs, antioxidants, and vitamins that work without interfering with the natural shedding cycle. Add it daily to your pet's food. Shed-Stop has been specially-formulated for your Dog or Puppy (2-18 months). 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed when used as directed.One of the biggest problems faced by pet parents is having to deal with unwanted hair in the home. If you have a dog you probably have dog hair in your home, which usually ends up all over your clothing as well. This can be a problem especially when you’re about leave for work in the morning. Removing pet hair from upholstery, carpet, and clothing can be a real pain, that’s why it can be helpful to stop the problem at the source! Prevent dog shedding will help keep you and your home pet hair free!