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Dogs lick their paws to remove debris that they may pick up from the home or yard. This is a normal behavior, unless the licking becomes obsessive, unrelenting, and worrisome. When dogs become non-stop lickers, owners should take steps to learn why the dog is licking and what can be done to relieve the stress and pain that may come with the behavior.

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Unfortunately, I have seen suggestions online that include spraying your dog's feet with cayenne pepper, putting socks on your dog, give your dog a bone to distract him, yell and scream at your dog. All in an effort to stop dogs from licking their paws. Of course these are just "bandaids" if yeast is the culprit, then of course, NONE of these things will work!

Why Is My Dog Licking Its Paws So Much

This makes it easier to treat and once the paws have healed and the allergen is removed from the dog's environment, Maltipoos will stop licking and chewing. Itchy feet usually indicates an or something irritating the area, such as a thorn or fox tail. First check the area in between the toes and make sure there is nothing stuck there. Second, check for any open sores or red patches. Dogs lick sores and cause them to become inflamed, they also lick an area so much they create a sore. If there are any sores present you can wash it off with peroxide and water. In the vet clinic we use Nolvasan solution you can pick it up at a farm store or a pet store also. If the fur between the toes or on the paw is in the way of the sore it may need to be shaved away from the sore. Apply a triple ointment to the wound should help heal it. Placing an E-collar to prevent the dog to lick the paws is a major key to help healing. Also give a dose of will help act as an antihistamine and stop the itchiness. You did not indicate how much your dog weighs you should be able to call your vet and get a proper dose based on your dogs weight, without being charged. If this does not help, you may need to rule out food allergies.

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Hi, my granddaughter had bad eczema as a baby and was told to give her diluted dettol baths. It worked a treat, no more eczema. I was wondering would this work on my dogs paws and stop her from licking her paws roar. Ive checked her paws no foreign things in them, nails are trimmed has a natural diet & is bathed in oatmeal shampoo. Is diluted dettol wash safe for dogs?

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