Which Type of Training Collar is Best for My Dog

One book that could appeal directly to those who have tried, or were considering trying anti-bark collars, is a book called No Bark Secret to Stop Your Dog From Barking: Without Shock Collars, Odor-sprayers, or Ultrasonic Devices by Pheobe Michaels. The difference between this training guide and many others, is that Michaels focuses on just one specific technique to stop barking – so it is a very targeted guide for a very specific problem. Check it out at , and be sure to let us know if the techniques work for you!

Train your dog to bark less frequently with this collar, which deters barking with a safe, humane spray of Citronella

It depends. Some dogs are not bothered at all by the scent or the spray in the nose. If your hound falls within this group, you are out of luck. Other dogs, actually get used to it and the device becomes obsolete. That said, a found that citronella dog collars were more effective at stopping dog barking than shock collars. So, try one for yourself.

You also need to understand that just putting the collar around your mongrel’s neck will not solve your nuisance barking problem. Without a training program in place, you will find that your pooch still barks when he doesn’t have the citronella dog collar on (canines are smart!) and you can’t have him wearing the collar all the time, since this is not recommended and it is not safe if your pooch is unattended. Additionally, if you have your dog wear the collar for long hours, daily, eventually he will get used to it.

The 4 Approaches to Training Collars - What are your Choices

The PetSafe Spray Commander is a safe, effective and state of the art dog training collar Almost any correctional collar is always dismissed by any trainer worth their salt. However, the majority of dog owners, almost all of them in fact, are not dog trainers. Excessive barking can pose a great problem beyond simple annoyance. A dog who barks at every little sound may end up in a shelter after neighbors complain or even deemed aggressive due to the barking out windows or even on walks if he reacts to other people or dogs. Keep in mind that nearly all correctional collars pose far more harm to a dog than good if not used right, but what about the citronella spray collars?

PetSafe Spray Commander Training Collar - PDT00-13913

Remote dog trainers let you teach your dog commands such as Stay and Come and stop bad behavior including digging in the garden or jumping on people. The long-range handheld remote transmitter delivers a safe, humane correction to your dog's receiver collar. Choose from spray, static, ultrasonic, and vibration.

The Complete Spray Remote Control Training System