I am looking to buy an Andis for our Goldendoodle. He has a very thick, curly coat. Would it be better to have the 22360 for the faster blade speed or the ones you mentioned above with slower blade speed? I can see that grooming Boomer is going to take a LONG time and I am worried about the blades/clipper getting too hot as I've read in most of the forums and wonder if the slower blade speed would help or if it would just be too slow for his thick coat. Also, what do you think about the clip on combs for someone just starting to groom their dog...help or hindrance?

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Customers stood patiently at Boston Speed’s Famous Hot Dog Wagon in Newmarket Square – 10, 20, sometimes 30 people in a row. The line moved slowly as Ezra Anderson stood grilling half-pound hot dogs, one after another.

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I am all about building speed and drive to learn to control my pets and my working dogs! The Doberman Pinscher can easily come in at a top speed of 32mph. The breed was developed in Germany in the 1800s by Louis Dobermann, a tax collector. He wanted a sound bodyguard and watchdog powerful enough to discourage thugs and robbers from attacking him when he traveled through unsafe areas while on the job.

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The Anatolian Shepherd has a top speed of 28mph and is being used in Namibia, Africa as to help protect the Cheetah from extinction. To keep farmers from killing the big cat, the Anatolian Shepherd, which is a flock guarding dog, lives with his sheep “family” and protects them from the Cheetah and other predators. These dogs are capable of working on their own without the help of any humans and they are extremely skillful and diligent at doing their job.

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The Speed Dog comes with the dog, a threaded 2 inch (approx) disc, and1.75 - 2" 1/4-20 bolt and nut. You need to supply an 8 mm bolt or knobtosecure the dog to the MFT. We recommend the knob from the FestoolClamping Elements. Typically, only one Speed Dog will hold yourworkpiece . You may want to use 2 (one on each end) for workpieces over2 feet long, especially if you are edge sanding.To use the Speed Dog, locate a hole that allows the workpiece to hangover the edge by the least amount necessary. I say this not just forthe obvious safety reason of running into it but a board hangingoff several inches will act as a lever and can apply damagingpressure to the dog and the table. Try and keep the overhang around 3-5inches. After selecting your hole, slide the dog in the holeand screw in the 8 mm knob from underneath. Only tighten enough to holdthe dog, over tightening will damage the hole. Next, make sure the discis on the 1/4-20 bolt and sitting towards the head of the bolt. Screwthe bolt into the top of the dog and continue until it bottoms itstops. Slide the workpiece next to the dog and screw the disc down tothe workpiece. You want the disc to be loose enough that you can slidethe workpiece in and out but tight enough that the workpiece can'twobble up and down at the disc. You can use an optional nut above thedisc to lockthe disc in place but I find it isn't needed most of the time.