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And according to Steve Johnson, the Southwest Airlines supervisor, the dog was denied boarding because he could not see it standing up in the crate (Not because my fiance was holding him while walking in to the airport). The dog does not have to stand up in the crate, it has to be able to stand up in the crate, which Gatsby is. Maybe you can not make that fine distinction, as Steve Johnson could not, but it should have been a little easier with the tag on the dog crate from a week earlier showing that the dog had traveled on Southwest in that crate and had made it through the San Diego inspection (an airport that has employees much better trained on their dog policy). Good luck with that fine law career of yours.

May 29, 2009 - Here are the highlights of Southwest's new pet policy: The airline will only accept dogs and cats for in-cabin travel

All this started because Southwest hired a woman who was deathly afraid of dogs, even though part of her job is checking in dogs. Then it being so early in the morning and the only supervisor working is not in a good mood and not a puppy lover, so they tell us our puppy can not go home with us. They let us fly to LR with our 15 pound puppy in his airline approved crate that he definitely fits in, but then because of ignorant employees in LR, we do not have our cute little puppy dog with us, who had vet appointments today and friday in SD, and who is an integral part of our little family. And the employees were smug about it, like, proud and happy they had kept a sweet sleeping puppy (who met all the requirements, and who SOuthwest had let go to LR) be forced to stay away from his family. Beren and I are outraged, we are trying to talk to Southwest about it, but they are so slow to make amends, and probably wont do anything to their employees. We are looking into hiring a lawyer to sue Southwest if they dont play ball, and to sue the employees personally, for both apologies, negligence, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. ALSO TO GET OUR PUPPY Back to SD. My parents might fly another airlines to drop him off, but we have had such an emotional horrible experience, it is not easy to get a dog somewhere, and SOuthwest is so slow to respond to us, we are freaking out.

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Need Southwest pet policy? Your dog or cat can fly with Southwest in cabin if requirements are met. Pets are not transported as cargo on Southwest Airlines. Currently no requirements state that SARAs must be safe-side, i.e., past the TSA security checkpoints, and therefore most do not yet meet the requirement of "reasonable distance" for transferring passengers. This is an area that many airports and carriers are currently looking at, and will be one of the highest priorities in the creation of new SARAs in the near future. Finally, the US Access Board and the Open Doors Organization are collaborating on a guidebook for airports and carriers to utilize to create the best SARAs possible. New technology, methods, and ideas are being used to create this guide as well as create the best possible SARA possible for the dog and its handler, so the future is bright for traveling working dogs as well as the millions of pets who travel with their owners each year. Links for finding SARAs at your preferred airports: Southwest Airlines: Alaska Air: Mr. Paws: Service Dog: Pet Friendly Travel: Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport: Philadelphia Airport: Miami International Airport: Andrea Jehn Kennedy and her husband Craig are co-owners of Access Anything (), travel consultants and writers specializing in marketing and education for all aspects of disability travel.

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just their new pet-friendly policy, PAWS (Pets are Welcome on Southwest). After hearing complaints from customers and employees alike, Southwest Airlines will now allow a limited number of small cats and dogs onboard the aircraft with their owners. There is a fee of $75 each way, and customers can begin purchasing their pet tickets on June 1, 2009, with travel beginning June 17. Southwest Airlines insists that the implementation of this new policy will not effect to the efficiency of the airline.

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