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Welcome to the Stuffing Free Dog Toys superstore! We all love watching dogs enjoy themselves with their favorite toys; seeing them release their instinctive predator instincts on a harmless miniature toy animal is not only healthy for the dog, but it's good fun for dog owners! That is, at least until the toy rips and stuffing goes everywhere! But with stuffing-free dog toys, that mess becomes a thing of the past. With one of these durable, super fun toys, your dog can enjoy himself all day long, and you can enjoy watching him without the fear of having to clean up all that stuffing afterward!

Pet Mountain's Stuffing Free Dog Toys store features top quality products from the most trusted names in dog toys and games, including Spot Skinneeez, Fat Cat, Jakk's Pets, JW Pet, Kong, and more. The is a fun plush toy that's completely stuffing-free! Help bring out your dog's natural hunting instincts with these durable toys that put an end to the stuffing messes. Your dog will love chasing these soft, easy to grab toys that can be held and carried by practically any sized dog. This Skinneeez Plush Giraffe toy also features tempting squeakers that your dog will love! are ideal for your big dog! No-stuffing means no messy clean-up for you! The Heebie Jeebies toy will be your dog's new best friend! With the fun squeakers and soft durable construction, your pet won't let this one of their sight! The is an innovative toy that bounces, squeaks and even floats! Plubbers combine the soft feel of plush that your dog loves with the durability of rubber to provide a fun, long-lasting toy. With squeakers located in the head and tail, Plubbers are the perfect stuffing-free dog toy!

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Despite the constant media comments about how we pamper our pets, toys are no mere luxury. Experts say that dogs need them, and need more than one kind. That doesn’t mean more bells and whistles, just different types. Toys can take the edge off a bad day, like a stress ball you squeeze when you’re mad. Softer toys a dog can “baby” satisfy gentler instincts. Frisbees, balls and tugs are ways to share the fun, while squeaky playthings cry out for attack.


KEEL TOYS 30cm SIGNATURE PEANUT THE TRICOLOURED BEAGLE DOG PLUSH SOFT TOY - NEW Sleeping with a soft toy and mouthing it affectionately is often seen in dogs taken from their mothers and litter mates before they were entirely weaned. Puppy mill survivors and those orphaned as puppies often act out nursing and litter mate behaviors on their soft toys. Mothers who lost their pups or experience false pregnancies may also treat a plushy as their lost pup. These activities are only problematic if they become obsessive, lead to aggression, or pose a risk of swallowing part of the toy.

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There is cause for concern if your dog’s favorite means of play is exploring nature with his mouth. Sticks and rocks can injure the teeth and soft tissue of the mouth, cause choking, or pose risks to the digestive tract. Dogs that swallow dirt and grass may ingest parasites or pesticides. It is best to redirect these pups to more appropriate toys.

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