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The aim of this video was to give people a general idea as to how to make sure that their dog remains comfortable with new dogs moving forward, and socialization can be a complex issue. Obviously I cannot address every aspect of canine social behavior in a single lesson. This video is for the average person with an average dog. But I do pride myself on showcasing a variety of scenarios and I’ll continue to do that in the future.

You need to work on socialization with other dogs, from puppyhood through adulthood.

A dog like that I would have no problems taking to an enclosed dog park. On the other hand, in-training dogs are more likely to pick up bad habits at the park than to actually be “socialized“.

How to Socialize a Dog with Other Dogs: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Not to mention putting other dogs at risk of a bad socialization experience. I love love love your article. I totally agree. My first Boston didn’t want anything to do with me when we were out – she wanted to say hi to every one … because … that’s exactly how I socialized her.
With these two I have know we have not spent the early months going out to the public areas as much… because for the same reason I want them to listen and pay attention to me. And I use treats and affection when we’re out with the aim that I am more interesting than others. I actually even will tell some people who want to pet them .. not this time they are in training … when that person (typically a child) I can see is overly excited and rough … and I don’t want my dogs to get triggered by her/him. Anyway you articulated it so well. Thank you!

Aug 19, 2016 - Socializing your dog with other dogs is very important

As for dog-to-dog socialization, Sephy is also pretty reactive when it comes to other dogs. He gets over-excited, and gets in the other dog’s face, which can trigger aggression from the other dog. Sephy also does not like other dogs sniffing his butt.

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