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You may also want to measure the shoulder heights of your dogs and compare them to the height at which the SmartDoor is installed to ensure that it is not installed too low for them. If the SmartDoor is installed too low, this can cause the taller dogs going through it to put extra stress on the door's hinge as they press up against it. This can potentially damage it over time.

This smart dog door comes with 3 modes: locked mode, unlocked mode and automatic mode.

The PetSafe Smart door will slightly raise upward when activated by the collar key, allowing your pet to go through the opening. The door then lowers onto a locking ridge to secure the flap. The collar key (Battery required) is solid, water resistant and and small enough to worn by a small or large dog. This door is a good choice for allowing access to the outside for a dog while keeping a cat indoors.

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33 Items - Keep your pet safe, happy and where he should be with dog doors from PetSmart The High Tech Pet is a new dog door manufacturer but their motor-driving and vertically sliding dog door is one of the very rare and unique designs. It's a smart dog door in a way that it can be activated by an ultrasonic dog collar (MS-4) which makes High Tech Pet's product one of the best dog doors and a very convenient option for many pet owners.

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The only drawback of this electronic dog door (and the main complaint of most customers) is that the smart collar for pet doors uses a specific set of batteries that can be bought only from the manufacturer. This is obviously a big issue for most because it adds extra cost; however, another review on Amazon for this dog door has proposed a solution to solve this tricky adjustment from the manufacturer.

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