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This is perfect for my dogs! I'm moving into a small cabin soon with an australian shepherd and a husky mix and they both have a crazy lot of energy, and they definitely need a fence to keep them out of neighbor's properties. This is nice and cheap while still being effective, and my dogs are generally well-behaved (they get lots of exercise) enough to not attempt digging or jumping over the fence.

Wire fence - love this idea for the front yard... to fence off a small area off the deck for the little dogs

The best fence for your Pug is the PetSafe Little Dog fence. It is designed with a correction level appropriate for little dogs and the collar is small and lightweight. The fence comes with enough wire to cover up to 1/3 an acre, so you’ll need to add 1 additional 500 foot roll of wire to cover up to 1 acre.

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Our 4 foot tall fencing system is perfect for small dogs up to 20 pounds that can't jump very high. Little dogs rejoice! We’ve catered Little Dog In-Ground Fence for your petite pal’s safety. It starts with our , specially designed for greater comfort. The reflective strip on the collar helps you find your small dog at night, so outside playtime doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down! To set up the system, you’ll establish the yard boundaries with . Training your best furry friend to stay within those boundaries is a snap. No more straying. No more worrying. Just big freedom for those little paws.

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Chain link is one of the most common fences. This series of pipe support posts and small diamond-shaped, heavy-gauge wire fabric is very strong. The holes in the fabric are too small for most dogs to penetrate. Most professional kennels use chain link in their fencing and dog runs. It is available in a variety of heights and installing barbed wire arms is easy. Zoning laws seem to allow its use where many other forms of fencing are prohibited. It hardly obstructs the view and is a strong deterrent to intruders. Chain link is fairly expensive, but it lasts longer than many other types of fences. However, children can easily tease a dog confined by a chain link fence.

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