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When I adopted Effie, my 4 lb. Chihuahua mix, I was confused to learn that many products geared toward "small dogs" are not intended for dogs under 5 pounds. Um, what? If Effie isn't a "small dog," what is she? "A guinea pig," some have said. I threw serious shade and then got to work. My goal with Dogette is to track down and review products appropriate for dogs under 5 pounds.

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pick up small dogs under 5 pounds, so you will want to be there to protect PJ).

Cute lil Skippy is ADORABLE!!! This little munchkin is a mash up of a Rat Terrier (Dad) and a Chihuahua (Mom). Skippy is a super sweet little guy, and he likes nothing better in the world than to be carried! He is doing well on his crate-training. Skippy came from a home with both large and small dogs, but he can get overwhelmed when meeting new dogs - especially big ones. Please keep in mind that Skippy is a TINY little boy, so what seems like a large dog to you might seem as big as a dinosaur to Skippy; but he loves to play with dogs that he has met and is comfortable with. Skippy is currently under 5 pounds, and will stay very small due to his lineage; he is 4 months old. To see more pictures of Skippy, please .

A list of small dog breeds that typically weigh less than 20 pounds.

Small or young dogs that are under 5 pounds or elderly animals are more delicate and symptoms should be taken seriously 13
One of the really small dog breeds! Weight under 11 pounds, height 5-6 inches, lifespan 15-18 years. Bold, often timid, curious and loves to hunt and dig. Stubborn and hard to train. Enjoys family activities, loyal. Not very playful or affectionate, Not good with dogs, cats and strangers. Fair with older klids, pretty good watchdog.

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5 Small Dog Breeds Under 7 Pounds
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