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Unfortunately, choke chains DO NOT work on dogs that are heavy pullers. Heavy pullers are far from being service dogs for the blind. The chain may cause damage to the trachea during constant pulling and many dogs have tenacious temperaments and do not respond to a quick snap (which is the correct way to use a choke chain) Consequently, these type of dogs need a head halter or a front leader harness. Service dogs for for the blind are chosen for mild temperament and come already leash trained. While walking/working on leash they just need a slight reminder of their former training In that case, a quick snap from the chain may be very effective. I am just an average, yet very dog experienced, citizen. I do not sell anything. I have had and fostered many types of dogs from small to large. some dogs are a dream to walk or teach/rehab to leash training. Others are quite the chore to rehab especially if they are grown adult dogs. I hope that this helps. I do not recommend any particular harness or collar as it is dependent upon the situation.

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Individual owners may have a preference of liking a walking handle, especially with small, medium and large dogs, or a longer leash that combines to make a shoulder strap for large or extra large dogs. Both walking accessories are user-friendly and can be rigged to the harness in varying ways.

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Small Dog Harness and Leash I have been working with Reactive dogs for several years and require my students to use a body harness with two points of attachment. The Kurgo is on my list of recommended harnesses. All of their harnesses come with a seat belt tether and many owners like the "handle" on the back strap. I prefer the Kurgo over Ruffwear's Front Range because of Ruffwear's flimsy front hook, while Kurgo has metal attachment clips. However, Kurgo sizing seems to run smaller than what they claim. Also it does not seem to offer a good fit on long-bodied dogs. I've seen it work best on square body and bully-type dogs. I use a Balance harness for my own dog but he has backed out of it. That's why it is important to use a double-ended leash, or even two leashes.

Black Gingham Collar & Harness for Small Dogs.

Pat and Nancy, thank you so much for the wonderful content in the Journal! This article was very helpful in giving me some insight into additional no-pull harnesses on the market. I am a trainer who recommends that my clients start with the Easy Walk (due to cost since it can usually be found on-line for less than $20 and knowing full well most of the dogs will out grow the harness quickly, unfortunately not trying to promote a company that also makes shock collars) and then graduate to the Freedom No-Pull harness, especially for my Golden Retriever and Golden Doodle clients as the additional strap down the sternum seems to help make the Freedom harness fit properly. I was very happy to learn about other great harness options available to suggest to my clients. One request for you ladies, can you please do the same review but for harnesses made to fit the smaller breed dogs/puppies? One of the big challenges I have in teaching loose-leash walking to my small breed dog clients is that most of the body harnesses that properly fit the small breed dogs all only have rings on the back of the harness. I have tried the petite and XS sizes in the Easy Walk and Freedom but in most cases those harnesses are just not small enough. The Easy Walk frustrates me (and my clients) because the metal used for the adjustment pieces feels cheap and flimsy, like someone just unbent and re-bent a paperclip, and never keeps the harness properly sized as it allows the straps to move. Most of my small breed dogs have figured out how to Houdini their way out of the Easy Walk. There may not be a great front-clip option out there in the small breed dog sizes but maybe some investigation and an article on your part could help motivate these manufacturers to design one for the little guys. I also enjoyed and am motivated by your articles regarding the importance of checking-in and the loose-leash walking article from the same issue as the harness review. Those behaviors are the key to training great loose-leash walking skills, especially for the small dogs for whom I struggle to find properly fitted front-clip harnesses. Thanks again for the great info!

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