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Designed and crafted in America using USA materials!

Our cutters are handmade the old fashioned way by artisan Larry West Master Tinsmith of over 30 years of experience. The tin plated steel material we use gives a nice clean precise cut every time. Choice of professional bakers!

The original design small dog bone cutter is 2 1/4" wide X 1" high, 5/8" depth. Made out of USA tin-plated steel - assembled with lead-free solder.

Pamper your dog with homemade treats; know exactly what is in the treats you give to your special dog! Cutters are fun to use for a dog themed party!

The Tin Dog Bone Cutter is not just the average cutter you will find everywhere else. We incorporate a custom handle in our design which makes the cutter, stronger, more stable and easier to use. My maker's mark "W" is hand stamped with pride on each handle. This cutter is an Exclusive Original Design and can only be purchased from West Tinworks

Each of my cookie cutters is uniquely designed and made completely by hand in my Easley, SC shop. My cutters start out as a flat sheet of metal; strips are cut, edges are folded and the cutter is hand formed and soldered one by one. Finally a custom handle is soldered on the cutter, and the completed cutter is cleaned and inspected.

Our special complimentary Doggie Treat Recipe included with each order! The recipe contains whole-wheat flour, powdered milk, salt, garlic powder, brown sugar, vegetable oil or fat, egg and water.

The cutters are ready to ship, and all domestic shipments include confirmation/tracking!

Many other stock cutter designs and custom orders available.

Small Breed Dog Bone cookie cutter Set of 3 MINI Bone,Hydrant, Doghouse

The Charlie 3d printed dog bone cookie cutter has been crafted for durability and quality. All cutters designed, engineered and tested by a fellow cookie enthusiast.

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All of our cutters are now available in 4 sizes:

Mini Cookie Cutters - 1.5 inches
Small Cookie Cutters - 2.5 inches
Standard Cookie Cutters - 3.5 inches
Large Cookie Cutters - 4 to 4.5 inches

All sizes are approximate as some will vary slightly depending on
the shape. Please message me if you have questions on
precise dimensions.

Custom cookie cutter sizes available on request.

All cookie cutters designed with fine edge for precise cuts.
Use as a cookie cutter, fondant cutter or dog treat cutter for your furry friend.

All cookie cutters are Frosted "vivid blue" unless otherwise noted.

Printed on a 3D Printer using biodegradable PLA filament.

What is PLA?
PLA, or polylactide is made from corn starch or sugar and it is biodegradable. It is the most environmentally friendly material available for this type of 3D printing. Facilities all around the country accommodate PLA as recyclable and compostable material.

No heavy metals. FDA approved dyes. Made exclusively in the USA.

Hand wash only! Not dishwasher safe.

Worldwide shipping available

DEAL ALERT: Ann Clark Small Dog Bone Cookie Cutter Silver

125 Small breed DOG BONE Cookie Cutter by KitchenCrafts on Etsy, $2.75 Use this set of six different sized dog bone cookie cutters to make a display of dog bone shaped treats. The cutters range in size from 1.5" to 5.5" giving an opportunity to create treats for small, medium and large pets. The cutters are made of metal.

Custom Cookie Cutter Dog Bone Treat Personalized Pet Small ..

Welcome to my store. I have over 600 cookie cutters and other items in my store. If you need help searching for items, there is a store search bar. Follow this link. Go 1/2 way down the page and there is the Kitchencraft search bar.

Combined shipping is very reasonable. Pay the base fee for the first items and then the other cookie cutters shipping is just 25 cents each+ the cost of the cutter.

This is a brand new cookie cutter from my brick and mortar store. I sell hundreds of cookie cutters each year. They are your typical tin cookie cutter, that cuts a great shape. You can use these for more than just cookies. They are great for kids crafts, to cut cheese, sandwiches. Make shaped fudge and give the cookie cutter with the fudge as part of the gift.

The dog bone measures about 2.5". The 2.5 inch dog bone is the only cutter in this listing. It is a little wider as well as longer. The other cookie cutters shown in this listing are available in other listings.

This makes great dog treats. Other cookie cutters available are dog bones the next size is 1.25",1.75", 2" 2.5", 3.25", 4.5", and 6". Check out all the bone sizes and other cutters to make those special treats for you dog. The witches cat makes a great treat year round, because it looks like the cat is afraid of your dog. The squirrel is a fun treat.

I have other dog bone shape cutters- All sizes from extra small to extra large. Contact me if you do not see what you want.

Check my store for other cookie cutters. I will combine ship. It is only 25 cents for each extra cookie cutter in the same box.

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