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There are many types of dog bowls out there to choose from, these include: plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, elevated, travel, automatic, slow feed and silicone dog bowls. Let's explore these further.

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There are a wide number and types of dog bowls on the market today. Stainless steel, plastic, silicone, ceramic, stoneware, bamboo, non-skid, slow-feeding, non-spill, and yes, even automated portion-sized ones. However, with so many options out there, how is one suppose to decide which one to get?

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Mar 3, 2013 - Slow Feed Dog Bowls | Stainless Steel Bowls & Pails | Dog Treats .. Because of the melamine issue I also tried out a stainless steel slow feeder. We tried the Durapet Stainless Steel Slo Feeder (Small). I ordered it off of Amazon for $12.00. This bowl gets one out of five paws…and only because its the only stainless steel option do I rate it at all. I prefer to use stainless steel dog bowls from a safety and sanitary perspective but from the perspective of slowing down Turnip’s eating pace…it made little to no difference at all. I don’t recommend this bowl.

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Keep your pup well with the ProSelect Stainless Steel Slow Feed Dog Bowl!Why We Love It:ProSelect Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl are available in three sizes: Small bowls are perfect for daschunds, toy breeds, "flat-faced" dogs, and cats, medium bowls are great for most dog sizes, from beagles to Bernese Mountain Dogs, and large bowls were designed for giant breeds, like mastiffs, great Danes, and St. Bernards. Made of Stainless steel, rubber.
Sizing Information:Small measures 8"D (at base) x 2"H, and has a capacity of 12 oz / 1½ cups / 354ml
Medium measures 11"D (at base) x 3"H, and has a capacity of 40 oz / 5 cups / 1.2L
Large measures 13"D (at base) x 3"H, and has a capacity of 64 oz / 8 cups / 1.9L
Cleaning Instructions
: For best results, unscrew the three posts and hand wash bowl and posts in hot soapy water. Let dry thoroughly in dish rack. When screwing posts back on, do not over-tighten. To machine wash, place posts on upper rack. Remove rubber ring from bowl and wash ring separately, as the heat of the dry cycle dries out the rubber. Place bowl on bottom rack and wash on normal cycle.

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Dog bowls are not about enhancing home decor, but the Pets Slow Feeder dog bowl does just that and more. Featuring melamine and silicone materials, a sleek design, and non-skid bottom, this Slow Feeder is dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to hold enough to feed up to large dog breeds. Available in off-white or soft pastels, the dog bowl prevents Fido from wolfing down his kibble by utilizing three center posts to encourage food chasing. Stylish enough to leave out all day, the Martha Stewart Slow Feeder is an elegant departure from standard stainless steel bowls. The slow feed dog bowl is highly recommended for those breeds that are more prone to bloat (the stomach flips over on itself after a large meal and excessive exercise). Typically, these bowls are made from plastic, but the stainless steel ones are out there.