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Having a security cover on the outside of your patio dog door provides a way to lock your dog inside without someone having to enter your home. You won't have to worry if the gardener, pool technician or other exterior workers leave the gate to your fenced yard open while they are working. They can simply slide the security cover in place and your pet remains safely inside while they complete their work.

Sliding glass door panel with dog / cat door. This would be perfect to lead out into my screened-in patio

The safety glass is included with the item, and the flap is single-layer made out of soft vinyl. If you've chosen the right patio door, then the installation will also be hassle-free. Out of all patio doors with flap openings for dogs, this is definitely one of the best value dog doors for sliding doors for the price.

Features safe, energy efficient Endura Flap

Cool. So much nicer than sliding glass doors.--Patio French Back Doors with Pre-Installed Pet Doggy Door Some pet doors guard against the weather better than others. A well made pet door will keep the weather outside while letting your pets inside, as well as be durable enough to withstand the elements! Top choices for weather-proof dog and cat doors for sliding glass doors would be brands like Endura Flap () and Hale (and ).

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A: If your sliding glass door is dual paned/insulated you may be glad to know that PetDoors has a number of dog doors for glass doors available for your specific situation. A few options available offer a low "E" coating for even better performance. The low “E” feature is especially important in extreme weathers as it keeps the heat from escaping the house on a cold, snowy day and visa versa; it keeps the cool air in on a hot sunny day. Also, low outside temperatures combined with moist, warm air inside can result in condensation on the inside of any glass window including that in a dog door for sliding glass door. Dual pane, low "E" glass can greatly reduce or eliminate this problem. Three great options, for dual pane/low “E” coating doors, PetDoors can provide for you would be:

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