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Has your house started to smell?

Did a skunk spray your dog?

Is the stench of cat urine or dogs urinating in your house making you sick?

Would you like to remove old puppy stains from your carpet or how to remove wine stains?

You can use our proven formula in a hot water extracting machine and deodorize your whole house removing the smell of dog urine.

You canalso remove skunk odor from your house or your dog, even remove blood from carpet, urine, fecal stains, carpet smells from your carpet and stain removal from urine.

They also make an anti-skunk deodorizer spray, it's like Febreeze for dogs.

Has your dog tangled with a skunk and lost? Nok-Out takes the punch out of that pungent aroma. Non-toxic Nok-Out can be sprayed at full-strength directly on your dog’s fur. Massaging it into the fur and down to the skin will eliminate the skunk stink. If the skunk smell has permeated your home, Nok-Out is safe for most fabrics and can be sprayed in the air as a deodorizer.

De-Skunking: Best Ways to Get Rid of Skunk Odor | PetHelpful

He's had no fewer than 5 baths at home and been to the groomer twice for a special The majority of skunk sprays only hit part of your dog’s fur. Before attempting to clean and deodorize your dog, you can help to absorb and contain the smells within the affected area. First locate the area of the spray and proceed to pat the dog down within the affected areas with paper towels to absorb as much odorous oil as possible. Using a paper towels are key, as these oils are unlikely to ever be fully removed from traditional bath towels.

into the bathtub and used the commercial skunk deodorizer on her.

Eliminates skunk, pet and other offensive odors by neutralizing not masking while leaving a clean fresh scent. Use to prevent bringing skunk odor indoors or transporting to groomer. If deskunking at home, bathe pet immediately with Quadruped Skunk Deodorizer & Odor Eliminator Shampoo to remove skunk residue. Skunk Deodorizer Spray is excellent for removing odor of foul smelling dogs between groomings.

How to Remove and Deodorize Skunk Spray-Odor Removal

Fight the skunk stink battle with this odorsquashing, hypoallergenic shampoo, then follow it with the spray deodorizer on both the dog and the affected area. It’s baking soda based to absorb (not cover up) odors. For dogs and puppies. Non-irritating, non-drying shampoo. 16 fluid ounce bottles.