Simply Nourish Dog Food For Dogs & Puppies (2017 Review)

Simply Nourish has a great selection, too. No matter the age of your dog or its health condition, you can find the perfect food for him from Simply Nourish. It even has a “limited ingredient” variety for dogs who can’t handle a lot thrown at their digestive system. Still, it's filled with important nutrients and minerals.

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DESCRIPTION We understand pet nutrition can be confusing and choosing the right food for your pet can be overwhelming. That's why Simply Nourish Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato & Salmon Recipe Adult Dog Food believes in making pet nutrition simple and understandable. By using carefully sourced, wholesome ingredients you're already familiar with, such as

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Simply Nourish® Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Dog Food - Natural, Lamb & Pea Lately I have been having a lot of problems with dog food and one of my dogs who has a very sensitive system so I have put in a lot of time researching different brands of food and their ingredients, where they are sourced from, where the food itself is manufactured etc. The last food I tried was supposedly top of the line and a limited ingredient diet but he had a pretty violent reaction to it. My other dogs did not but I still wanted to change that food because I don’t even want to risk it in the house. So I went to petsmart again and began looking at brands of food in their premium pet food section. I did buy a medium sized bag of this food to begin switching my other dogs over to. Before I started the switching over I realized that I didn’t really know anything about this brand of food so I started looking for information on it and there was none to be had. I searched online for the company but there is no company called Simply Nourish. On the bag it says it is distributed out of Arizona but other than that no manufacturing information, no website, just a phone number so I called it. I guess I was expecting for someone from Simply Nourish to answer but the phone was answered: “Petsmart”. So I asked about the food and the girl could not provide me with any information on the food whatsoever without researching further, which she did. She then came back on the line, confirmed that it was a house brand (which was information that I specifically had to ask for), that it was manufactured for them in Utah (by who she could not tell me) and she also couldn’t tell me if any of the ingredients were sourced from China, or anywhere else for that matter. BTW, sourcing some ingredients from China is an industry wide practice to my understanding. Most reputable brands no longer source protein from there but other vitamins and minerals are routinely sourced from China.

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I have been buying the Simply Nourish Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato & Salmon recipe dry dog food for my 2 dogs (Tibetan Spaniel, age 13 and Malchi, age 1) and it has really helped control the ‘itching’ my Tibby was getting from eating poultry. This is poultry free.

Simply Nourish Canned Dog Food | Review | Rating | Recalls